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Aug 25 2017

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Do I need a valid license to purchase auto insurance?

It is possible to purchase auto insurance for your vehicle without having a valid driver’s license. Every state’s law requires all vehicles to be insured, so no matter what the circumstances are concerning your lack of a driver’s license, you must have auto insurance for your car. Even if you’re not driving your car but you’re allowing another person to drive it, you must carry adequate auto insurance to cover that driver and your car, providing protection to anything else that may become damaged as a result. You may find that it is not the easiest experience to get auto insurance without a license, but it will definitely benefit you to try until you get it.

Suspended License Without Auto Insurance

In many states, failure to carry auto insurance will result in fines and possible license suspension. Trying to purchase auto insurance without a valid license may seem like a Catch-22 when you think, how do I buy auto insurance without a license when I need to provide a driver’s license to purchase auto insurance? When looking to purchase auto insurance without a driver’s license, you’ll need to provide certain kinds of information, depending on which auto insurance company you use. Some auto insurance quote Web sites, like, allow you to only enter in 0 in the driver’s license number spot to get a quote and subsequently purchase a policy online. Purchasing your policy here will access you a proof of insurance immediately.

If you’re calling a company for an auto insurance quote, they may not even ask for your driver’s license number. Offering your social security number will give them the history of your driving record and they’ll be able to get you set up with a policy and premium. If they do ask for your driver’s license number, truthfully explain to them your situation and why you don’t have one. After requesting your social security number, they will be able to view your driving record and know about your suspended license. It’s better to be honest rather than them catching you in a lie and seeming to be less responsible than the type of person they prefer to cover.

Suspended License With Auto Insurance

If you have a suspended license and already have auto insurance. your insurer will most-likely require you to fix your license suspension within 30 to 45 days. If you don’t, your policy could expire immediately after that “grace period” of reinstating your license. If you are in this situation it is recommended you fix your license before your auto insurance becomes expired. Otherwise you will placed in the situation mentioned above, “Suspended License with No Auto Insurance.”

Driving privileges are revoked when a driver’s license is suspended due to failure to have auto insurance. Every state requires auto insurance and there are heavy consequences to driving without minimal liability coverage. Once you have proof of auto insurance, you can take it into court to show the judge, and the judge will then reinstate your license. There is a possibility you will also be required to pay a reinstatement fee, which may be pricy. You can get immediate proof of insurance after you purchase a policy here at There is no waiting for your proof to be mailed to you.

Learner’s Permit

If the driver is new to the road and has a learner’s permit, an auto insurance company will provide coverage to that person as long as the driver passes the driver’s test and provides proof of license to the insurer. When the new driver is a teenager, that driver can be placed on the policy of the parents or guardians. Once the teenager has passed the driving exams they are required to show the insurance company proof of license.

A matured new driver, who doesn’t have the option of being placed on a parent’s policy, will be able to find an auto insurance company to provide coverage until passing the driver’s exam by researching different insurers. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find an insurer to cover this new driver because most new drivers who are going through the correct process to obtain driving privileges are usually more responsible than those who do not see the need to take a driver’s test. The more responsible a driver is, the more likely they are going to be insured. Also keep in mind the DMV requires each automobile used in the driving test to be insured.

International Driver’s License/Permit

Any new residents to the US from a foreign country that have their International Driving Permit (IDP) are allowed to obtain a driver’s license from the state in which they are dwelling. An IDP is used in the United States in conjunction with the driver’s foreign driver’s license. An IDP is a way to translate the foreign driver’s license for easier use. (If a US citizen is going to be driving in a foreign country, they will also need an IDP to drive. It can be obtained from AAA with no exams involved. You do not have to be a member of AAA to get an IDP. An IDP is recognized in most countries and allows you drive there.)

It is suggested a foreign driver using an IDP contact the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles to get the specifics of gaining a US driver’s license for their new home state. It will be much easier to do this if the driver indeed has an IDP before coming to the United States. As noted earlier, this driver can obtain auto insurance without a license, but the insurer will most-likely require the driver to acquire an official driver’s license issued by the state within a certain time period for lengthier coverage.

In all of the above cases, there is the chance that an insurance company will deny coverage due to lack of a driver’s license. There’s also a chance that coverage will be provided as long as certain requirements are met, i.e. reinstating the driver’s license within a certain period of time. Then there’s also the chance the insurer won’t care about any requirements being met and will provide coverage regardless of when your driver’s license is again valid.

It may become a grueling process to get auto insurance without your valid driver’s license, but it is doable. Be sure to look into different companies popular companies, local companies, etc. to really know what is offered and the choices you have. Because you don’t have a license, you may be required to pay a higher premium than you would have to if you had a license. However, this could only be until you’ve reinstated your license.

You’re lucky if you already have auto insurance before you lost your driving privileges. This will save you the hassle of finding a company to insure you without a license, but you will need to restore your driver’s license so your insurer will continue your coverage. People who are learning how to drive with their permits will be able to find coverage while they are learning, but there may be some stipulations involved. International drivers will need to prove they know the laws of their new homeland before they’re able to get a license, but will most-likely be able to find coverage.

Any questions regarding your driver’s license and its legality should always be directed towards your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. If you have more questions regarding auto insurance without a driver’s license, feel free to contact us at (909) 912-1855 and one of our representatives would be happy to help.

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