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Sep 5 2017

Disneyland Vacation Packages – Why to Buy – Or Not #maritime #travel

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Disneyland Packages

By Betsy Malloy. California Travel Expert

Betsy Malloy has had her lens – and her pen – focused on California since the late 1990s, when she became’s California travel expert. Since then, she has visited nearly every corner of the Golden State and created thousands of pages to help others enjoy the Golden State as much as she does.

She is a freelance travel writer, professional photographer and former San Francisco City Guides tour leader. Before moving to the San Francisco Bay area, Betsy lived in Los Angeles. She has traveled extensively California, the western United States and around the world.

When she isn’t writing about California travel here, Betsy is still out and about in California. These are some of her other projects:

  • Betsy Malloy Photography : A collection of images from California – and around the world
  • Images of the Golden Gate Bridge : A selection of fine art and stock photos of San Francisco, dedicated to the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Betsy Malloy on Instagram : After I had enough of all that serious photography, I just wanted to have some fun – focusing on the lighter side of California.

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    Like all the Guides at, I’m a real person. Here’s how to make contact:

    If you ve been researching Disneyland vacation packages for a while before you arrived here, you know it – and if you re just starting, you ll soon find out: Finding and comparing Disneyland vacation packages is one of the most difficult, complicated and confusing travel-planning tasks you may ever face. I d dare to say that it s more difficult than planning an African safari (and I ve done both).

    Don t let that worry you, though.

    I ve been looking at and comparing Disneyland packages for years now. I even worked as a Disney Travel agent for a while just to learn more about it and I m here to share what I ve learned with you.

    What Do You Mean By Disneyland Packages?

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