Sep 7 2017

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Bringing efficiency to online advertising

Empowering networks, advertisers, and media buyers to measure, analyze and optimize their mobile and online marketing campaigns in real time.
We know performance.

Do you own a blog/website and want to make money from it? . Simply open an account. copy the code of the banners of the format you want and start making money online from content you write.

Do you want to advertise and be seen by millions? . Simply request for an account. Once confirmed you will be able to set up, monitor and gain from online advertising and get better ROI.

Are you a digital agency looking to give your clients the edge? . Simply request for an account. Once confirmed you will be able to set up, monitor and enable your clients to gain from the possibilities of digital advertising.

Seebait is Tanzania’s own digital advertising platform and network, it was built from the ground up by a team of people with experience in digital advertising with the aim of enabling any person to set and execute campaigns online.

How it works

Seebait was launched to introduce a connection between advertisers and publishers where advertisers would upload their adverts at one portal and have them run accross a wide variety of online portals and hence making it easy to adjust campaign parameters as advertisers see fit while at the same time allowing publishers to focus on preparing content for their visitors and get paid fairly for their efforts.

Apart from having the platform we also manage digital campaigns should you need a more targeted approach to their campaigns where we will manage advertisements on social media platforms as well as the seebait network.
We can manage digital campaigns for the following social media channels:-

  • * Facebook
  • * Twitter
  • * Google

Seebait being the connection between adverisers and publishers have 2 main user groups as follows:-

Publishers :

Publishers or sometimes reffered to as content makers, bloggers or blog owners. They join us by using a social media channel of their choice from the options we provide.
At the moment we allow loggin in using Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. Once logged in, publishers can create properties(seebait’s representation of their blogs on our platform). They will have to activate these properties or contact us and we will activate them. After we go through the blogs and approve them they will be officially added to the digital network.
Never before has it been this easy to make money online, all you have to do is own an online property create content and attract visitors we will handle the rest.

Publishers have a dashboard where they can view their properties performance in real time and hence they can check at any time how many impressions they receive and which tags perform best, they can also set maximum monthly impressions they would want their blogs to receive.

Features of Pulisher Account

  • * Easy to use pannel
  • * Set and forget tags(Leaderboard and Square), Tags that automatically adopt depending on devices hence to display suitable ads depending on the visitor’s device e.g mobile specific ad to visitors using mobile devices
  • * Guaranteed better eCPM
  • * Multiple banner types, standard banners
  • * Select industry categories to receive ads from
  • * Multiple features are being added regularly

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Advertisers :

Never before has it been this easy to connect to your audience, Seebait allows you to reach and convert your audiences on multiple platforms(Websites, mobile applications etc) around the globe by leveraging our powerful ad serving technologies and our exclusive publisher network, you will get much more from your advertising budget.

Like publishers, advertisers also have a dashboard where they can view and monitor their campaign performances in real time and make adjustments as they see fits.

Features of Adveriser Account

  • * Easy to use panel
  • * Automatic optimization to achieve your goals
  • * Dedicated campaign managers
  • * Conversion tracking for campaigns via conversion pixels
  • * Get impressions from real people and not bots
  • * Seamlessly get ads to adopt and display relevant ads from desktop computers, laptops, smart devices down to feature phones
  • * Multiple options to better help in optimizing and boosting performance for your campaigns e.g(HTML5 support,Online Surveys,Custom Landing pages etc)
  • * Multiple features are being added to the platform regularly.

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Do not know how/where to begin?

If you are stuck and/or do not know where to begin, you can contact us and we can do the whole process for you.
This includes:-


Seebait has more publishers than any other digital advertising network in the country, with more than 230 blogs we push ads to different niche blogs including entertainment, Sports, Gossip, News, Fashion etc and serving more than 2.5M impressions per day. you can be sure to be noticed and increase your brand’s online vissibility.

Number of blogs in the network


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