Mar 22 2018

Detox & Weight Loss Retreat

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Ancient practice of Fasting backed by Science

Ancient fasting technique regenerates immune system

Researchers were suprised to find that in both mice and humans fasting regenerates damaged and old immune systems.

The study, by researchers from University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles, was published in the journal Cell Stem Cell, is the first study of it’s kind, showing a natural intervention can regenerate an organ or a system.

The team believes the findings could benefit people with immune system damage. for example if they have received chemotherapy treatment for cancer. It could also benefit the elderly whose immune systems are weakened through aging, making them more susceptible to disease.

We could not predict that prolonged fasting would have such a remarkable effect in promoting stem cell-based regeneration of the hematopoietic system , ” says Valter Longo, a professor of Gerontology and the Biological Sciences at the USC Davis School of Gerontology, and director of the USC Longevity Institute, and adds, “We are investigating the possibility that these effects are applicable to many different systems and organs. not just the immune system.”

More Science behind Ancient Method of Fasting

During each cycle of fasting, this depletion of white blood cells induces changes that trigger stem cell-based regeneration of new immune system cells. In particular, prolonged fasting reduced the enzyme PKA, an effect previously discovered by the Longo team to extend longevity in simple organisms and which has been linked in other research to the regulation of stem cell self-renewal and pluripotency — that is, the potential for one cell to develop into many different cell types. Prolonged fasting also lowered levels of IGF-1, a growth-factor hormone that Longo and others have linked to aging, tumor progression and cancer risk .

Results from experiments on mice and humans (phase 1 receiving chemotherapy) showed that long periods of fasting significantly lowered levels of white blood cells and that fasting appears to shift stem cells of the immune system from a dormant state to an active state of self-renewal.

Researcher Longo says, ” What we started noticing in both our human work and animal work is that the white blood cell count goes down with prolonged fasting. Then when you re-feed, the blood cells come back.” Longo addes ” When you starve, the system tries to save energy, and one of the things it can do to save energy is to recycle a lot of the immune cells that are not needed, especially those that may be damaged”.

From Karuna Detox to you with Love. Enjoy your Positive Health!

Karuna Detox Yoga Retreat, Devon UK

Karuna means ‘Compassion’ in sanskrit. Our daily yoga practice on retreat integrates breath, awareness and heart.

Qualities such as trust, love and compassion are developed along with strength and flexibility, openness and

relaxation. We practice Restorative, Flow and Partner Yoga, to suit and meet all capabilities.

Research shows yoga can benefit many aspects of life – increasing relaxation, peace of mind and happines,

clarity, health, productivity, mobility and alignment while reducing stress, pains and tension.

To enjoy Yoga no previous experience needed, we welcome all! Read more

Colonic irrigation washes out the large intestine with water. like having an internal shower. This

clears out constipation, excess mucous ‘bad’ bacteria, and during your detox – flushes out toxins.

Detox and Colonics are ideal companions. Though not obligatory, most chose to include them.

Probiotics are supplied to bring the good bacteria to the intestines following the course of colonics.

Benefits. better digestion, absorption, stronger immunity, clarity and renewed motivation to eat well!

Colonics are simple and effective, most enjoy them and their benefits.

Our self-loving approach to weigh loss will support you to lose weight both here and at home.

Teaching and inspiring you to eat natural foods that nourish you, not your fat cells.

Gain tools to be happier with your body. listen to your needs, become kinder to yourself.

Guests lose around 6 to 14 lbs during their detox with us and continue to lose excess weight at home.

After my detox I lost another 8 kg at home by changing how I ate. I am amazed I have no cravings, a stable mood and lots more energy! Thank you!Marie

Meeting the lowest and rising from there

Or: whats so great about acknowledging feeling bad?

I love dancing. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of dancing with founder of ‘Soul Motion’ conscious dance, Vinn Arjuna.

He attracted in over 100 people to dance together that Monday night, and I wasn’t surprised – he was old enough to be in the Vietnam war, yet his joy of life was of a child.

He was vibrant, charismatic and had the most sparkling blazing blue eyes I’d ever seen.

In short, an inspiring role model.

He ended the class saying one of the more humble thing I’ve heard a leader of his scale say. it was something like ‘Lets all find something to be grateful for… For me, well. most days I’m alright – I can get up in the morning and dress myself, tie my shoes and that’s something. Right?’

When I heard him speak those words I immediately felt my heart open.

You see, he’s been down. He’s honest about it. And he’s obviously learned to deeply appreciate the small things like waking up in life with a moving feeling body, as a result.

I felt he had connected with everyone in the room at their lowest and elevated them.

Ending the isolation of these low points, ending our pretense that they don’t happen. In fact, accepting our low points is how we start to learn, grow and reap the gifts from them.

It reminds me of the Indian story of the young girl and the well.

The young girl walks to the well every day to gather water. She carries the water back on her head, and as her clay vessel has a crack, it leaks as she walks home. She cries to her mama, saying she’s sorry that she keeps losing water as her vessel is leaking…. As time and the season pass the path she walks has flowers growing alongside it.

Where did they come from? They grew from the seeds that were watered daily by the girl and her leaky bucket.

This is truth. Other things, beautiful things, are growing all the time as a result of what seems like misfortune.

Similar to the Indian girl, you may be drawn to withdraw around and even be ashamed of failings.

You may, like she, be surprised to hear that your vulnerability,
your tears and struggles with life are actually a gift waiting to happen.

To appreciate this, we need to get humble and aware of the small things, like Vinn Arjun.

The ‘flowers’ may seem small because they are outside of our focus, but in reality once we start to see – we enter a new world of growth.

Here we start to perceive with all of our senses, not just our thinking mind.

Our mind is predictable because it mostly sees only what it expects to see, according to its beliefs. That’s why it misses the flowers.

Difficulty is something better trying to happen

I dreaded the day I would need to take full responsibility and care for my father, who has been a stroke survivor since my childhood. It took up a lot of my energy struggling with this, I was like the girl watching the water dripping from her vessel..

And then when it happened I re-membered a few cool truths about life.

I was reminded that:

1. Power is in the present moment.Basically, worrying about things in advance is like a form of torture, as dealing with them can only happen in the moment.

2. Life helps and supports. The present moment offers up possibiilties that can’t be imagined in advance. Support is found in unexpected places and people.

3. Appreciation rocks with awareness. Most days are ok. In the simplest, no big deal kind of way. Appreciating having all my basic needs met, shelter, food, safety. Then I may pay attention to recent connection with friends and family and be nourished by that. Paying attention and receiving the joy of these things, puts me into a nourished space.

‘Wherever you are, be there’ Ekhart Tolle

It may not be comfortable always, but it’s designed perfectly for you.

Here’s to enjoying the journey, together!

Shoshana started her path of healing while living in India as a yogini for 4 years. Since she’s continued awakening by growing from her primary relationship as a mother, and from all her relationships with life in it’s many forms. She is a healer and teaches meditation, yoga and nutrition and founded Karuna Detox Retreats.

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