Jun 11 2017

Denver s best Knee Walker and Knee Scooter rentals! #eldan #car #rental

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Thank you for considering the Knee Scooter Rentals as part of your rehabilitation effort.

Let us start first off by wishing you a speedy recovery. We ve been on your position having Doctor s order to be non-weight bearing for a number of days or weeks. Within just a couple of hours on crutches many begin wonder if there is a better way. The mobility you will experience on one of our scooters isn t as good as how you were before your injury but compared to crutches, it is 1,000 times better!

There are several knee walkers/scooters available today and if you ve never looked into using one you might be confused as to what to look for when selecting a knee walker/scooter for your recovery. Since we ve been through it we can tell you why the our scooters are the best solution on the market. Here are somethings you will want in a knee walker/scooter you will be renting:

1. Steerable Knee Scooter/Walker STANDARD

a. Just about all scooters/walkers have handlebars BUT not all of them offer steerable handlebars. Many have handlebars that don’t turn at all. They have swivel wheels like a grocery cart. And like a grocery cart you have to turn left and right from the force of your one good leg! Wait till you try this going up a hill!

2. A Basket – STANDARD

a. Having things with you like a phone, computer or medication is important. Make sure your Knee scooter/walker has one. Others have baskets as an additional cost.

3. Cup Holder – STANDARD

a. While using your scooter/walker you should keep two hands on the handle bars. Having cup holder all allow you to bring a beverage with you. A small convenience you’ll notice IF your scooter doesn’t have one.

4. Disc Brakes – STANDARD

a. Disc brakes offer superior safety compare to the old traditional bicycle rim brakes. Disc brakes stop faster, last longer, and will hold the scooter in place easier.

5. No- Marking/ Non-Skid Wheels – STANDARD

a. Often over looked is the makeup of what will be rolling around on all the floors you will be on. Take a close look. You want a CLEAR wheel. Dark or black wheels lead to marks.

Our scooters are the most preferred knee walker on the market and is rapidly replacing crutches as the preferred way to remain active and mobile throughout your recovery process. serves local Denver, CO area.

Call Us Today at 720-443-3365

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