Aug 8 2017

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Denver Bankruptcy Attorneys That Provide Peace Of Mind

Peace of mind. That’s all you really want, isn’t it? You want the phone calls from debt collectors to stop. You want the lawsuits to stop. You want the garnishments to stop. You want to keep your home. You want to keep your car. You want a good night’s sleep. You want to enjoy life again.

You need an experienced Denver bankruptcy lawyer.

Our Denver bankruptcy attorneys can put you back in the driver’s seat and give you control of your financial future. Bankruptcy provides a fresh start and lets you take care of yourself and your family the way you always imagined. We can protect you from debt collectors and creditors, stop your paycheck from being garnished, and stop foreclosure. Bankruptcy is the only way to legally eliminate your obligation to pay debts that you can’t afford.

We do one thing: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 personal bankruptcy. Our Denver bankruptcy attorneys are exclusively dedicated to helping our clients navigate this complex and intimidating process. By focusing solely on this single area of the law, we can offer complete, comprehensive solutions and expert advice to our clients who come to us in financial distress.

Experienced Denver Bankruptcy Lawyers

When you hire us, you’ll always be represented by an experienced Denver bankruptcy lawyer who will guide you through the entire bankruptcy process, including accompanying you to court. We understand your problems and can help you find the right solution for you and your family. Your Denver bankruptcy lawyer will be available for you whenever you need him, from the time you retain us until the court closes your case and your debts have been wiped out. Even then, we hope you call us for help.

When you come into our Denver, Colorado office for a free, no-obligation consultation, you’ll have the chance to ask all the questions you have. You’ll leave our office with a better understanding of the process, including whether Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 is right for you, and how much it will cost. We’ll give you an honest answer of whether or not bankruptcy is a good option for you. If we don’t think it is, we’ll tell you. Our primary concern is that you get the help you need. Bankruptcy is not always the best option, but if it is we can help.

Even if you decide not to hire us after you come in for a free, in-person consultation, we ll still pay for your credit counseling class. This class is required for all individuals who file bankruptcy.

Your Denver Bankruptcy Attorney Guarantee

We want you to be happy with your services. We want you to be able to recommend us to friends and family member. We want you to feel that you ve received the best representation possible.

While we can t guarantee specific outcomes, we can guarantee this: if you re not satisfied with our service, we ll make it better. We will resolve the issue to your satisfaction, even if it means reducing your fees.

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