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Jul 11 2017

Dental Protection Plan Supplemental Dental Insurance #auto #insurance #reviews

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Wait! If you ask, More insurance? Why would I want that?. you’ll want to read on. Our Dental Protection Plan (DPPI) is a really good deal. Honest!

What is DPPI?

DPPI stands for Dental Protection Plan, Inc. It is a supplemental dental insurance policy that covers up to 20% of your out-of-pocket dental expenses for all covered procedures.

How does DPPI save up to 20% of my out-of-pocket?

Referring to the following diagram.

DPPI covers what your other coverage does not, up to 20% of the procedure cost.

For example. take the second bar shown in the diagram. If the procedure cost $1,000, the regular dental insurance coverage pays $500. DPPI covers $200 (or 20%). The patient pays the remaining 30%, or $300.

DPPI costs $35 per year. That’s less than 10 cents per day. For the example above, the $35 cost of the insurance was easily surpassed by the benefit of $200 of coverage. If that had been a family example, DPPI costs just $45 per year for the entire family. That’s $9 per year for a family of 5.

Why would you NOT get this supplemental insurance?

Where do I get an application form?

There are several ways to get an application:

Download and print the form off right now.

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