Aug 18 2017

Delta Community Credit Union Reviews and Rates #how #to #check #my #credit #score #for #free

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Popular Accounts at this Credit Union

1025 Virginia Ave

Atlanta, GA 30354-1319

Eligibility dependent upon select counties or select employers.

Field of Membership Restrictions

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Wonderful Credit Union

I have a daughter who lives in Atlanta. I had her set-up a checking and savings account at Delta Community CU. Then, once she was a member, I was then eligible and I also set-up a savings account there. They have an office in the Cincinnati area since Delta USED to have a big presense in Cincinnati.

But I can easily do most banking using the Internet. While their system is not the greatest, it is very adequate. When I am visiting in Atlanta, I can go to one of the branches there and conduct business. They have a lot of branches in the Atlanta area.

Plus, I can transfer funds from my account to my daughter’s accounts when the grandchild needs something.

I also have a Visa card with them that provides rewards for using it.

The service has been friendly and excellent. BTW, right now at .25%, their savings interest rate is one of the highest around on a basic savings account.

The Best Credit Union In Georgia

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