Sep 29 2017

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Defense Attorney Angela Agrusa

Co-counsel Angela Agrusa, who earned her law degree from the Loyola School of Law in California, heads the litigation team at the Los Angeles based law firm of Liner LLP.

Agrusa has tried high-stakes, complex commercial, class action and civil cases.

Her clients include Fortune 500 public and private companies, municipalities and prominent public figures in a broad range of industries, including entertainment and the media.

In addition to representing Cosby in this criminal case, she has also represented him in civil litigation.

Agrusa was the lead counsel for Peter Frampton in a trademark infringement dispute that ended in an undisclosed monetary settlement for the rock star.

Agrusa has been named as one of the “Top Women Lawyers” in California for the past three years and has been listed as one of the state’s “Top 100 Lawyers” for the last nine years.

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Learn a little about the people who’ll be doing the heavy lifting throughout Bill Cosby’s se

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