Oct 25 2016

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Debt Consolidation

Are you in debt? Struggling with repayments? Need to consolidate?

A debt consolidation loan may be a solution. Fox Symes is the largest provider of debt solutions in Australia.

What are Debt Consolidation Loans and what are the benefits?

A debt consolidation loan may consolidate all your credit cards and unsecured personal loans into a single loan. It can be a better way to manage your debt. You may end up with one manageable monthly payment at a lower interest rate, saving you thousands on interest and possibly shortening your overall repayment period.

What debts can be consolidated?

All your unsecured personal loans, credit cards and store cards.

Is it easy to qualify for a debt consolidation loan?

Each bank has an eligibility criterion which is used to assess if you qualify for a loan or not. It is highly unlikely you would qualify for an unsecured loan if any of the following applies to you:

  • You have a bad credit record
  • You have a history of late payments
  • You have been bankrupt in the past 10 years
  • You are in default on any other loan repayments
  • You do not have regular employment

If you don t qualify for a debt consolidation loan, what else can you do?

If you have been refused a loan or you think you will not qualify for one, there are other options available which you should explore.

Fox Symes can offer you a range of debt solutions that can help you:

  • Consolidate your debts loans into one easy monthly repayment
  • Lower your Interest Rates
  • Reduce your monthly Repayments
  • Save Thousands in Interest

Fox Symes is the largest provider of debt solutions assisting over 100,000 Australians each year. Fox Symes has been featured on both A Current Affair and Today Tonight .

Right now, Fox Symes offers a free, no-obligation over the phone debt consultation to help you determine whether debt consolidation is an option for you.

If you want to find out more on how it works, view our debt consolidation case study .

Currently, you must own a property to qualify for a debt consolidation loan with Fox Symes. If you do not own a property, please contact us to discuss other debt solutions to eliminate debt. Solutions may include the below:

If you are in debt and want to know more about the solutions available to you contact us on 1300 098 127 or fill out the short contact form .

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