Oct 31 2016

Database-Driven, Interactive Real Estate Investor WebSites – Real Estate Investing Website Templates #multi #listing #real #estate

#real estate website templates

Affordable One-Time Purchase, Own It For Life

Once you buy your website, it is yours for life along with the software that runs it, no matter where you are hosted with free lifetime support and upgrades.

Do not fall into the trap of monthly subscriptions for template hosting services that offer real estate investing web sites for a monthly fee. Even though they will market their services with hosting included, those websites cannot run outside their server – you have no other choice.

In reality, you sign up with them, pay a monthly fee, but they own your web site. The minute you stop paying the monthly fee, your web site will stop working or be deleted altogether – along with your business.

And of course if they run out of business, you will go down with them.

Once you get your website with us, you can host it with us for a low yearly fee, or with your current host if you already have a website. See hosting requirements .

In future if you want to move to another web hosting company, then simply transfer your web site along with all your data and continue doing business.

Or if you want to take a break from real estate investing and start again a few months or even years later, then just re-install your web site and move on with your business. You will only need a hosting account

Or if your business model changes in future, you do not have to buy a new website; just adapt the web site you have and continue doing business.

Each Website Comes With A Video Talking “Life-Like” Model

Personal Touch Increases Conversions – More Closed Deals

A real life-like person speaking on your website adds credibility and believability of your sales message leading to more closed deals.

The speaking model delivers a powerful message designed to offer a believable solution to your website visitors needs in just a few seconds.

It comes activated by default on your website for buying houses for FREE .

You can choose male or female model or even turn off the speaking model with one click if you want.

Fully Adaptable To Suit Your Business Model

Each real estate investing website is fully adaptable to suit your business model. You determine what you want to do with it and configure it to do exactly what you want.

You can configure it with a few clicks from your back office to adapt to your current business model whether you:

A website that pre-educates motivated sellers so they see only you as a polished professional with solutions to their problems and delivers pre-screened and pre-negotiated motivated sellers and leads of people that want to sell houses but need follow-up.

A website designed, equipped and laid out to sell houses fast. Quickly and professionally list houses you have for sale including pictures, videos and documents and build a buyers list in the process.

Convinces private money investors that their money is safely invested in your deals – and you get cheap, easily accessible cash to invest in your business.

Wholesale / Flip Houses

A real estate investing web site equipped just for flipping houses with all features you’d ever need for successful wholesaling.

Any Other Business Model

The ability to create pages, forms to collect any information and save it to the database and ability to customize navigation menus enables you to adapt the website for any other business models easily.

You can use one website for all your business needs – buying houses, selling houses, wholesaling houses, seeking private money or anything else you do!

Or you can chose to buy separate websites for each of your business models (Most popular option) .

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