Sep 22 2017

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Data Virtualization: A Supermarket for Data

What is data virtualization? Here’s an analogy using a concept that we can all relate to: a supermarket. Picture the scene: Shopping list in one hand, shopping basket in the other, you’re ready to tackle your weekly shopping in your

  • Beyond Hadoop – Think Big Data Fabric

    Challenges to Enterprise-wide Adoption of Big Data Technologies Lack of comprehensive strategic planning is proving to be the greatest impediment to enterprise-wide adoption of big data technologies. While organizations are quick to invest in new technologies like Hadoop cluster and

  • Market Shifts in Data Integration Technology

    It wouldn’t take a genius to notice the evolution of modern technology. In just the past ten years, we’ve watched the flip-phone transform into the smartphone and the automobile inch towards autonomy. Within our own space, we’ve noticed similar shifts,

  • Shifting Towards a Logical Data Warehouse, in 4 Steps, Without Having to Close Shop

    The logical data warehouse is the data architecture of the future — fast, flexible and ideal to support self-service BI. In the past year, I have published quite a lot regarding the architectural advantages of the logical data warehouse (read

    The Power of Virtual Data Sources – An Overlooked Capability In Data Virtualisation

    Over the years I have seen how data virtualisation can simplify data access and significantly improve agility. Given all the benefits this brings, I would most certainly recommend any organisation to add data virtualisation software to their toolbox particularly

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