Oct 15 2017

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We have worked out a model with Netmagic where our spend on IT is not only cost efficient but also gives us the flexibility to manage our cash flows. We adopted a linear way of allocating IT spends where we do not have to provision for a huge CapEx initially and we only pay for what we use.

The team at Netmagic is always courteous, and has always extended us the highest levels of service and support around the clock, making them the hosting provider of choice for

One of the key reasons for choosing Netmagic as our Infrastructure Evolution Partner was that most renowned eCommerce websites are hosted there to start with. Added advantage is that all our requirements from server hosting to cloud services, monitoring and management are all catered to by one single partner

For the last four years we have hosted our core business applications with Netmagic. Netmagic has ensured highly available, scalable and dynamic IT infrastructure that delivers a high quality trading experience to our customers. This partnership with Netmagic has enabled us to manage costs associated with building IT infrastructure internally and we do not have to worry about power supply and operations management. The engagement and involvement of the Netmagic team in understanding our requirement is good and has helped us a lot,

Response time from support teams, solutioning teams and senior management at Netmagic has been a WOW factor. Support and responsiveness from Netmagic has been prompt and highly involving,

The good thing about Netmagic is that they manage their servers very well technical knowledge on how to run a data center was the key reason of us to choose Netmagic. Processes for seamless monitoring, implementation and configuration of hosted infra and the security process at Netmagic was very impressive and as per our needs

We have been with Netmagic for a very long time. Both companies have grown together from start-ups. Netmagic enabled our growth by providing us with good reliable service, flexibility, scalability at good prices.

Chief Information Officer

Our core focus has been customer delight through our core offerings and we did not want to deal with any technical headaches. In addition, we planned to roll out new services like futures trading, currency deliverables and mobile trading. That is why we decided to focus on our strategic value proposition and go in for a reliable hosting partner-Netmagic

Phani Kumar Arava

We found a willingness and an inclination to meet our specific requirements in Netmagic s team. We are very impressed with the technical support that has been provided to us. It is a win-win situation for both stakeholders

T. K. Subramaniam

While interacting and evaluating various service providers, we realized that the technology spark that we wanted in a partner who could help us grow was present in Netmagic Solutions. We realized that the people who were interacting with us were great at technology. They could understand our requirements, relate it to what we needed and come up with the best possible solution based on our specific needs. So it was very natural for us to choose Netmagic Solutions as our hosting partner,

We have a long lasting relationship with Netmagic. We have access to their senior architects, technology experts and database experts. The senior management, including the CEO, is always available to discuss issues and innovations that we might need addressed at any point in time

Netmagic has been able to understand our dynamic IT Infrastructure requirements all the while delivering quality and timely support so that we can focus on enhancing and upgrading our business application

Migrating a large SAP environment from one facility to another while ensuring zero downtime was always going to be a significant challenge. Netmagic s project management team and engineers worked closely with us to ensure a smooth and seamless migration of the SAP systems and network elements that exceeded our expectations.

Netmagic s support to setup the infrastructure throughout our transformational journey has been phenomenal. They went out of their way to help us achieve our objectives. Their understanding of our needs and ability to respond to it is commendable.

We have been running Electron for over a year and an half at BSE. Netmagic s service levels have not dropped, the team is accessible and their turnaround time (TAT) to any operational situation is fast. It is easy to reach their senior management team, which has helped build confidence in Netmagic s abilities to handle hosting of Elektron efficiently.

Netmagic has helped us grow our business in India as well as destinations outside India. The service delivery has been good. Our users are able to upload and download content very fast, thanks to flexible bandwidth and unmatched connectivity provided by Netmagic Solutions. As we are a growing company, we plan our capacity on need basis. With Netmagic, we can provision for spikes in business by adding new servers on demand and decommission them when not required.

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