Sep 30 2017

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Customer Support Call Center

Whether your inbound call center supports specific applications or provides full tech support services, your customers expect their technology to work.

When it doesn’t, they call you. But over-the-phone troubleshooting wastes time for both the customer and the customer support agent. Chat support, on the other hand, is efficient, costing 30-50% less per incident than phone support or onsite visits.

Bomgar chat is designed for the technical support call center. Integrate chat with your website, portal, or mobile app. Route inbound calls to the right rep. Manage canned messages and responses. Co-browse. And elevate to full remote control with one easy click.

Download: Support Swarming Boosts Productivity, Satisfaction Retention

Support Swarming Boosts Productivity, Satisfaction Retention

This white paper outlines a model of customer support that enables support teams to collaborate within a single remote support session to swarm around issues.

By breaking down the walls between tiers and embrace a more collaborative approach to support, support organizations can engage the right resources with the right skills to swarm around issues as soon as they occur.

How Collaborative Customer Support Works:

In a collaborative customer support model, frontline reps act as a “concierge,” guiding the end-user through the issue resolution process versus dumping them up the chain. Higher level experts jump in and out of support issues as needed, helping to resolve problems as soon as they occur and provide on-the-job training to lower level reps. External experts and third party vendors may also be engaged as needed to assist with issues in real-time.

Collaborate to Improve First Call Resolution and Customer Satisfaction

Phone-only tech support creates gaps for your customers and lowers customer satisfaction. Without the ability to escalate seamlessly to deeper troubleshooting or higher tiers, customers are left waiting for call-backs or on-site visits. But these gaps are avoidable.

Bomgar works like a PBX for chat support, with automatic call distribution, skill-based routing, and notifications for customers in queue. But that’s not all.

With Bomgar, reps can escalate from chat to cobrowsing, screen sharing or full remote control. They can even collaborate with other reps, experts and third party vendors! You’ll resolve more incidents in first tier and improve customer satisfaction.

How Bomgar Improves Customer Support for the Inbound Call Center

Bomgar equips customer support centers with a secure, web-enabled remote support solution that lets you support any customer, using any platform or device, anywhere in the world. Your support reps will resolve issues more efficiently, improving productivity and customer satisfaction. Plus, the Bomgar appliance keeps access to your customers’ systems and data safe and sound behind your own firewall and security measures.

The technology allows our tech-support employees to resolve calls faster, which improves customer service, increases staff productivity and cuts costs. Since technicians can handle more calls throughout the day, there’s less need for the company to increase tech staff.

Route Inbound Support Requests Efficiently

Bomgar uses a patent-pending technology called Equilibrium to distribute support sessions automatically. Because Equilibrium routes based on skills and availability, it reduces transfers, escalations and hold times.

Chat Designed Uniquely for Support

Customers can start a chat with support agents from your website, portal or mobile app. Chat support includes all the basics:

  • Branded interface
  • HTML5 support
  • Tablet/phone compatible
  • Canned messages
  • File send
  • Nudge
  • URL push

But with Bomgar, support reps can seamlessly escalate from chat to screen sharing or remote control.

Real-Time Monitoring and Post-Session Reporting

Managers can monitor support sessions in real time. transfer sessions, join sessions, or even view the rep’s entire desktop for performance monitoring.

Additionally, Bomgar’s customizable exit survey lets you to gauge your most important metric, customer satisfaction, on a session by session basis.

Empower Reps with Scripts

Scripts can also reference a file for more robust tasks, such as software installations.

Collaborate Intelligently with Experts or Vendors

If a rep gets stuck, he can request help from other reps. This lets you keep issues, that may require a simple reboot, in 1st tier … where they cost less. You can even allow reps to collaborate with outside vendors and 3rd party technicians. Improving first call resolution is easy with Bomgar.

Customized Customer Support Portals

Bomgar portals let you create multiple websites for handling remote support requests. These portals can be customized to match your products’ or your customers’ branding.

No Pre-Installed Support Software

Bomgar works seamlessly through corporate firewalls without requiring a VPN or other configuration, and remote support sessions can be initiated in seconds without requiring pre-installed software.

Multi-platform Support

Bomgar supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, Apple iOS and BlackBerry. In most support sessions, reps can chat, see the screen, control the mouse and work as if physically in front of the device. You can even embed Bomgar into your mobile app. making it easy to support customers whenever they need it.

Concurrent Licensing

Bomgar’s concurrent licensing means you only need to buy the number of licenses that will be in use at the same time. Even with thousands of systems and hundreds of reps, you only pay for logged-in agents, which is ideal for large support centers offering 24-hour support.

The Same Security Used by Banks and Federal Agencies

Bomgar security protects your support team and customers by keeping system access and data behind your own firewall and security measures, integrating with your identity management tools, and capturing a full audit trail, including video recordings, of all remote support activity.

Bomgar’s multi-platform solution was the key factor in choosing a vendor. With one of the only Linux based call centers in the world, our support reps must have the ability to control a Linux machine no matter if they are working from a Windows or Mac platform.


Used by Customer Support Call Centers Worldwide

Bomgar is the top remote support choice for support centers large and small, including:

  • 20 of the Fortune 50
  • 6 of the top 10 Worldwide Hotel Groups
  • 44 of the 50 U.S. State Governments
  • 12 of the 15 Departments of the Federal Executive Branch

Providing outstanding support to our customers after we install our software is one of our main focuses. Bomgar is a great fit for us because it gives our support reps the tools they need to quickly help our customers in whatever capacity they need assistance. That is vital to our customers’ experience and our company’s reputation.


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This limited free trial will let you preview a number of features available to support representatives. Some of the remote support capabilities included are:

  • Start a session with a remote customer
  • Support all the platforms available in Bomgar
  • Try Bomgar from your iPad or Android tablet

Bomgar also offers a full evaluation of our remote support software. However, a full evaluation request must first be approved. Compare the Instant Trial and Full Evaluation .

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