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Aug 10 2017

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Critical Illness Insurance Best Cost Quotes For Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance information best cost quotes for critical illness insurance or cancer insurance

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Learn About Critical Illness Insurance

Get Best Cost Quote For Critical Illness Insurance From Top Insurers

The American Association for Critical Illness Insurance is the nation’s leading source for information on critical illness protection.

Information for Consumers: You can read all about critical illness insurance in the nation’s #1 Consumer Information Center. Get the facts. See what insurance costs. Request a free, no-obligation quote from the Association’s designated experts.

For Insurance Agents and Brokers: Learn how to offer this important and affordable protection to your clients. Enter the Producer Resource Center above.

Today 4,000 American men and women will hear the life changing words “you have cancer.” Today, 2,100 people just like you will have a heart attack. Today, almost 2,000 people will have a stroke and be rushed to the hospital.

Today thousands of lives will change. Thousands more will change tomorrow. and the day after. and the day after that.

Costly illnesses trigger about half of all personal bankruptcies, and most of those who go bankrupt because of medical problems have health insurance, according to a Harvard University study. Even if you have great insurance, you will have to pay insurance deductibles and co-pays. You’ll pay for care, medications and alternative treatments that are not covered. Your paycheck will stop or be reduced. You’ll still need to pay the rent, the mortgage and everyday expenses. If you are self-employed or own a business, the financial toll can be devastating to everything you worked to create.

Today you can find out more about an affordable way to receive a lump-sum cash benefit upon the diagnosis of a critical illness or condition. Critical illness insurance pays a cash benefit even if you make a full recovery.

The first critical illness insurance policy was sold in the U.S. in 1996 and today approximately 1 million Americans have this protection. Our Association was founded to provide consumers with current and unbiased information. For financial professionals, we offer training, marketing and sales information and tools. There is a wealth of information on our organization’s website. If you have specific questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Today is a good day to get the information you need to protect tomorrow. Click on the Request A Free Quote button – above to hear from a designated Association specialist.

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