Nov 5 2017

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Professional Credit Repair Services and Software

Business processes are the lifeblood of every company to keep pace with the competition. To provide efficient support for your business workflows, our software is designed and geared with the Best Credit Repair Business processes in mind.

The ScoreWay TurnKey Credit Repair Business Solution provides you with new opportunities for efficient business operations and processes implementation and execution. The Scoreway Software supports the relationships between the Credit Repair Organization (CRO), Referral partners, internal and external sales, customer service and customers that enable you to manage business data and processes, and allow you to leverage new revenue channels. By seamlessly integrating all business processes, we optimize your total cost of ownership (TCO) and enable you to concentrate on your core business.

Professional Credit Repair Software is critical to the successful launch and management of your Credit Repair Business. Without a real Credit Repair Solution you will not be successful in this industry.

The critical element of Credit Repair Industry Software is the same as all software programs- especially web-based:

  • Can you rely on the company that built and now owns the software?
  • Is the software safe, secure, and free from bugs?
  • Is YOUR data individually separated or really segregated?
  • Have they ever lost any of their client’s consumer data?
  • Do you pay a fee even if you don’t any business that month?

Professional Credit Repair Solution:

  • Hosted Software Vs. In-House Software
  • Security
  • Credit Repair Process
  • Benefit of Outsourcing
  • Customer Management
  • Client Status Portal
  • Referral Agent Portal
  • Referral Agent Tracking
  • Account Dispute Center
  • New Dispute Letter Engine
  • New Template Letter Creator
  • Credit Report Importer
  • Dashboard Organization
  • Services and Payments
  • Multiple Office Capability
  • Multi-Tenant Capability
  • Automated Client email

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