Aug 1 2017

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Are you stressed because of your credit?

Every American deserves a life without the stress and frustration that damaged credit inflicts

Improving your credit with our easy-to-follow DIY credit solution can:

Eliminate Your Financial Stress

Is credit repair legal and legitimate?

Credit repair is legal when done correctly.  There are credit repair services out there that try to repair their customers credit in unethical ways.  The techniques in our credit training are ethical, legitimate and very effective.

Does credit repair work?

When done correctly, credit repair is very powerful.  You’ll be guided through our simple process so you can immediately start improving your credit.

Unlike credit repair companies who only help remove the bad items from your credit report, our do-it-yourself credit repair course will show you how to quickly build good items to your credit and remove the bad items.

What work is involved in your credit repair course?

There’s no push-of-the-button solution out there.  Luckily our credit repair course is setup into 5 simple steps.  You don’t need to have any prior knowledge about credit reports or credit scores.

Our credit course walks you through each step with simple videos showing you exactly what to do.  It’s like having your own credit repair expert sitting right there with you.

You ll know how to improve your credit scores quickly because your time is valuable.

Why do I need to repair my credit?

In todays economic times, you are judged by your credit report and credit score more than ever.

Many people are surprised to know that their credit is judged by places like:

  • Employers. Your employer or potential employer can run your credit (with your permission first) and analyze it.  If they don’t like what they see, you may not get the job.
  • Car insurance companies You can pay more for insurance if your credit is dinged even if you have a good driving record.
  • Cell phone providers No one wants to pay an unnecessary deposit or get rejected for something as simple as a cell phone.
  • Home alarm system They charge $200-$300 for a NON-refundable deposit if you have a credit score they deem too low.
  • Utility companies will charge large deposits if your credit score is low. You could pay more than your neighbor, just because of your credit score.

    Besides the financial benefits, improving your credit score will reduce your stress.  Our DIY credit repair course will show you other ways to reduce your stress like stopping collectors from calling your home, work and cellphone!

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