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Sep 9 2017

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High Limit Credit Cards Specially for You

High limit credit cards are considered to be prestige cards usually labelled gold, platinum, black and silver. Lots of consumers and business owners irrespective of their credit score long for high-limit credit cards. No doubt, the higher your credit limit, the greater number of high-valued purchases you can afford.

Experienced cardholders know for sure that applying for a credit card with a high limit is a time-consuming process. You can wait from several business days to several business weeks to learn whether you are approved for such a card and what credit limit you are granted with. But be patient ’cause it is worth it.

High limit credit cards come with reasonably low interest rates and no annual fees over long periods of time. Also note that the higher your credit score, the lower APR you get. More than that, cards with high limits offer zero percent introductory APRs for considerably long promo periods. Thus, you can take extra advantage of a 0% intro APR on balance transfers saving hundreds. Move your already existing higher-rate balances to your high limit credit card without paying any interest within a reasonable intro period, and, getting rid of your accumulated debt, boost your credit score.

Most credit cards with large credit lines cover concierge services, cash back and rewards programs.

There is a good deal of high limit cards on today’s credit card market. When applying for such a credit card approach this issue wisely, compare different high limit credit cards from different reliable card issuers and make your choice.

High Limit Credit Cards for Bad Credit

Every credit card applicant, no matter what credit score he or she has, desires to get a credit card with a high limit when applying. A high limit credit card you hold speaks of your financial independence and big purchases you can make.

Most applicants with bad credit history think that only those with good or excellent credit can get credit cards with high credit limits, and consumers with bad credit. no or limited credit usually stay aside. But it is not necessarily true. Applicants with bad credit scores can obtain high limit credit cards as credit history is not the only one factor to be considered when it comes to assessing their credit limits. Applicants’ stable income also plays an important role in this matter. Besides, you can get higher credit limits with a company that you already have an account with.

The meaning of a “high limit” is quite uncertain. Different people think of their desired high credit limit in a different way. Somebody needs a six-zero figure to suit their purchasing habits best, somebody considers $10,000 to be a great amount of money. Thus, when applying for a credit card, define what high limit means to you personally. Once you learn what kind of credit limit you’re looking for, you can find credit card offers.

If you are given a credit limit lower than expected arm yourself with patience and enjoy credit limits granted to you. Build or improve your credit score gradually by paying your bills regularly and on time and make necessary purchases with a credit card of your choice. Show credit card issuers you are a responsible cardholder with improved credit history. And in the very near future you can get your credit limit increased.

Ways to Increase Your Credit Limit

Cardholders with no, limited, bad or fair credit do not have to be disappointed about their cards with not so high credit limits resulting in limited spending capacity. This is not for good, and wise handling of your already existing account can help you get your credit line extended.

Responsible cardholders who pay bills on time and keep within credit limits do have a chance of being offered a credit line increase within their existing card offer. At the same time they improve their FICO score and win trust of different credit card issuers as their proper and successful credit activity is reported to credit bureaus.

If you are a person with no or limited credit and you are desperately looking for a high limit credit card, you can simply apply for multiple credit cards. Combined limits on your multiple cards may satisfy your needs. But don’t get too involved to avoid big debts. A card applicant with no, limited or bad credit may be interested in prepaid card offers. Your own money loaded into your prepaid card in advance will be your so called credit line. And it’s up to you to decide whether you spend within your prepaid card credit line without any debts or get an overdraft.

As mentioned above, there are at least three ways for no, limited, bad or fair credit cardholders to get a desirable amount of credit line.

So, get your credit limit on a single card extended, apply for multiple credit cards or choose a prepaid credit card with a possible overdraft. Make your own choice!

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