Sep 15 2016

Credit Cards for People with No Credit History

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Credit Cards for People with No Credit History

If you have no credit or have a relative new credit history, chances are that you will be turned down for most credit card applications. You have to apply for credit cards that are specifically targeted at those with no credit history. This article highlight the limited choices that are available to those with no credit history or very limited credit history.

However, aside from credit scores, some issuers also place heavier emphasis on your income. So you may be able to get a regular credit card even if your credit history is limited. If you get turned downed for regular credit cards, then essentially, your choices boil down to getting either a secured credit card, or if you are a college, then a student credit card.

Suitable Cards If You Are New To Credit

The Orchard Bank Classic MasterCards is the card we would recommend if your credit history is very new. Orchard Bank is a little different from other credit card issuers. When you apply for a card, you may be approved for either their secured credit card or one of their unsecured credit cards. They have different terms and conditions that will be disclosed to you before the application process. We have compared lots of other credit cards targeted at folks with no credit and we have to say that Orchard Bank has the most reasonable fees and rates among most credit card issuers. Furthermore, they report to the three credit bureaus, which will help you build your credit history.

Another card to consider if you have no credit is the First Progress Secured Credit Card. which has very reasonable fees and APR. This is one of the few secured cards we would recommend.

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