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Apr 30 2017

Credit Cards: Compare – Apply for Credit Card Offers Online #e #loan

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By:John Kiernan, Personal Finance Editor

  1. Always compare credit cards before applying; there’s no way of telling whether you’re getting the best deal otherwise, and marketing can be deceiving
  2. You should only consider applying for a credit card if it matches your credit standing.
  3. You should not submit more than a couple credit card applications within a short period of time, as this can lead to a roughly six-month dip in your credit score.

By:Odysseas Papadimitriou, CardHub CEO

While we’re all used to being able to apply for major credit cards through the mail, the fact that online credit card applications are becoming more and more common might lead you to wonder about the best application method. The truth is that the way in which you apply is merely a matter of personal preference, but making an educated decision about the card you wish to get should not be.

You can’t evaluate credit card offers in a vacuum; you need to view each in light of what the rest of the market has to offer. Sure, you can lay a bunch of credit card applications side by side on your kitchen table and do your due diligence that way, but at Card Hub, comparing hundreds of credit cards is as simple as a few clicks of your mouse.

In practical terms, your card’s network really only matters if you plan on traveling overseas given that Visa and MasterCard are much more widely accepted abroad than Discover and American Express. Just make sure to get a no foreign transaction fee credit card on one of these networks, and you will be all set for your international travels.

When it comes to deciding on credit card offers from different companies (e.g. a Capital One credit card vs. a Citibank credit card ), we recommend that you focus on getting the best interest rates and rewards possible since the money you save by doing so will benefit you more in the long term than things like better customer service.

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