Aug 17 2017

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Credit Card Debt Relief with GFS

The debt specialist’s at Golden Financial specialize in credit card debt relief. Since 2004, we have been helping our clients address their overwhelming credit card debt issues. Today we have a range of effective credit card debt programs to help you get rid of your credit card debts. Get a free consultation by calling 866-376-9846 and learn the best credit card debt relief option for your situation!

Here are your credit card debt relief options

Use our debt settlement option to get rid of your credit card debts. With debt settlement services a professional and experienced negotiator uses the leverage created from other clients’ worth of debt and proprietary company strategies to solidify the maximum savings on each of your unsecured debts. Learn about the benefits and downside of using a debt settlement service here.

Our debt settlement negotiators will contact your creditors and negotiate your balance down to a significant amount less than owed. At Golden Financial Services we have a track-record of working with almost every third-party debt collection company out there and we know approximately what they will settle at before we even start the process. Even though your creditors are not paid on a monthly basis, the program is set up to make it easy for you to manage your payments by making one simple payment each month into your trust account. When there is sufficient money accumulated in your trust account one creditor at a time is paid off until you are debt-free.

If your creditor decides to issue you a summons while on the program, we will have a partner attorney represent you and work towards resolving the summons, allowing you to get through the program successfully.

Learn more about debt settlement services by clicking on the image below.

Learn about our credit counseling programs next (AKA, A debt management plan)

With consumer credit counseling as your credit card debt relief program all of your credit cards are managed within one payment. A consumer credit counseling program will lower your interest rates on each account and then consolidate your payment into one, where the consumer credit counseling company then distributes your payments each month. A consumer credit counseling company works with your creditors directly.

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