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Aug 10 2017

Contents Insurance – Get a quote and buy online #car #insurance #massachusetts

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Contents Insurance

Whether your home is full of gadgets, trinkets or even turn of the century furniture, we ve got you and your treasured belongings covered with our Contents insurance.

We ve updated this policy

Here s a quick summary of what s changed:

Simplified cover for specified items

Simply add up all the pieces you want to include and tell us the total amount in each category (eg jewellery).

Contents Policy Benefits:

Your Personal Customer Manager

They ll look after you when you make a claim, ensure you re fully informed, and make sure things stay on track and hassle-free.

New for Old

If something you own is stolen, lost or damaged beyond repair, we ll replace it with a brand new item, regardless of the age of the original. So if your five year-old TV is stolen, we ll replace it with an equivalent brand new TV.

This benefit excludes clothing, footwear and cosmetics for which you will be paid the market value. Items that can be repaired may be repaired instead of replaced, and if a suitable new equivalent item isn t available you will be paid the market value.

Lower your premiums with higher excesses

With our excess options on your home and contents cover, you can choose a higher excess in return for lower premiums you ll only have to pay that excess when you make a claim.

For more information, give us a call on 0800 500 213.

Legal Liability Cover

If you are liable for accidental damage to someone else s property for instance, if you accidentally break a vase in a store we ll protect you against any claim they make. up to $1 million.

New Zealand wide cover

We ll protect your belongings at home and on the road, no matter where you and they are in New Zealand.

AA Member Discounts

Exclusive to AA Insurance! AA Member Discounts are dollar discounts that save you money every year on your insurance. The longer you ve been an AA Member, the better the discount.

Natural Disaster Cover

If the unexpected happens and your contents are damaged by a natural event, we ll top up the cover provided by the EQC so your contents are insured up to the Sum Insured.

Contents in storage

We ll provide limited cover for your contents while they are kept in a professional storage facility for up to 12 months.

Moving your contents

We will pay the reasonable cost of moving your contents to temporary accommodation, and/or a professional storage facility if your home becomes uninhabitable as a result of an event covered by your policy, and your contents are at risk of loss or damage.

More policies means more savings

Insure both your contents and your home with us, and you ll receive a discount on both policies.

Then, if your contents and home at the same address are damaged at the same time, you ll only have to pay one excess for the claim.

This is only a summary of key benefits. For full details, exclusions and limitations please read your policy document.

Application for cover is subject to underwriting acceptance. Limits, excesses, terms, conditions and exclusions apply to the insurance cover referred to. For full policy and benefit terms and conditions please go to

Latest Policy Document

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