Jun 11 2017

Consumer complaints for Fox Rent A Car – West Coast Florida BBB #car #rentals

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Fox Rent A Car

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Fox Rent a Car filed false charges on my Visa card. I have never had a rental experience go so badly.

I have filed complaints on this rental experience with the BBB, Priceline, Google + and finally my Visa card because they filed false charges on my Visa to the tune of an extra $157. Long story short: STAY AWAY. Here is my story:

**I wouldn’t have done this had they answered their phone. They are apparently open 24/7 – apparently not when I call. which I tried 4 times with no answer. So, I will post my complaints publicly.**

I rented from them using Priceline and I should have known better. I normally rent from Enterprise and Hertz and rent frequently for business purposes. This was the worst experience renting a car, ever. I flew in to visit a client for approximately 28 hours and the timing was documented on Priceline for a 30 hour rental. They agreed to the price of $71.60 for that amount of time. The check in process took 1 hour (not including the 30 minute shuttle from the airport). 20 minutes of standing behind one person who ended up not renting a car, and then 40 minutes standing at the counter while **** tried to get the price in his system to match what Priceline gave me. (sigh.) I declined the insurance, signed for $71.56 and they put me in a Camry because that’s all they had at the moment. I’m not going to go into great detail on the condition of the car – but it was dirty. sticky steering wheel and dust lining the entire interior. Ugh!

The worst part came at the return vehicle portion. I filled up before I pulled in and was the only person there at 2 pm, arriving a full 4 hours early for my return. It didn’t appear that anyone else had been there for a while. After a few minutes a guy approached and started inspecting the vehicle and made sure there was a full tank and then handed me a receipt for double the price I agreed to. Of course I told him that was wrong – he didn’t speak English and ushered me to someone else. They took me to the front desk to the same person who checked me in – ***** He said “I know what happened, I’ll fix it.” And he winked. Ugh. So he handed me another convoluted crazy looking receipt explaining that he had to maneuver their system to work with Priceline. Basically it had 6 line items with numbers being subtracted and added without saying what they were for. He apologized profusely and said he would fix everything. Okay. So the price came out to $71.56. (I have a flight to catch!)

I get home and 3 days later a payment posts fully to my account: $228.80. And that is accounting for a full $20 that they gave back to my account. This is so awful it’s laughable. Where are the hidden cameras? Priceline said they would mediate the situation since FOX rental is totally MIA.

Desired Settlement

Fox Rent a Car: Give me my money back! YOU FILED FALSE CHARGES ON MY VISA AND OWE ME $157.20 BUT YOU SHOULD PAY ME EVERY PENNY BACK – $228.80.

Business Response

Thank you for contacting Fox rent a car, according to our records we show that the amount billed to you initially was $228.80 which included a security deposit per our policy. at the time of return we show that the security deposit was refunded in 3 transactions which should have appeared on your account already. the refunds are as follows: $22.23, $80.41, $52.17 leaving your total to be $73.99. once again we apologize for the misunderstanding.

Consumer Response

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