Nov 11 2016

Complaints – 14 Consumer Reviews – Complaints List #private #car #sales


Latest Complaint

Bait and Harpoon

On: October 18, 2015

By: Christopher Jacobs

Reported Loss = $140.00

When booking with Rental Cars on line there is no mention of an airport charge. The quotation actually said, This is what you will pay $154.00 . (for 12 days)

At Hertz check-in in Barcelona, I was informed that there would be a 40 Euro airport charge in addition to my rental charge. The agent said that she had worked all over the world and there was always an airport charge. No 40 Euros no car.

I gave the car back after 5 days but I was told by there was no refund possible. Never had this experience with renting cars. I booked directly with Avis for a larger car in Bilbao. Got a price similar to Rentalcar s price on their smaller car. No airport charge. Great service.

What is the point of going through a broker for no price advantage, being stuck in a contract, and having to pay unexpected extra charges? 100 New Bridge St London EC4V 6JA United Kingdom | 161-836-6707

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