Jun 11 2017

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Looking for travel insurance?

Use our comparison to view over 149 policies from 23 leading insurers to find the right travel insurance for your trip.

Whether you’re planning on backpacking around Europe, you’re looking for a seniors policy or one for the whole family, you’ll get a range of quotes for all needs and budgets.

Don’t leave home before you’ve read our travel insurance tips

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Get the best travel insurance for your trip

Finding the right policy for your trip is easy when you follow our top tips.

What type of policy do you need?

Whether you re planning a trip to the slopes, a family holiday or gap year. We ve got policies to suit all types of travellers. You can choose to either buy a single policy which will cover one trip. Or if you re a frequent traveller you might save by purchasing an annual multi-trip policy which covers you for a whole year. You can take as many trips as you d like internationally and domestically – woo hoo! All you need to know is your destination, dates, how many people are travelling and ages and you ll be comparing quotes in no time.

How much cover?

Some holidays may require more cover than others. If you re looking for a cheap travel insurance policy and planning on just lying on a beach for a week then a basic policy might be right for you. If you re going away for a longer break, with lots of moving around and sightseeing tours, then a comprehensive policy could be what you re looking for instead. We ve got heaps of policies for you to compare to suit all kinds of budgets.

What type of holiday?

Did you know not all adventure activities are covered automatically? For example if you re going to Running with the Bulls festival in Spain, most Australian insurers do not provide cover. Similar exclusions apply for motor sports or cliff jumping. Before you plan your holiday activities, make sure you re covered. Your insurer s Product Disclosure Statement will explain all the inclusions and exclusions you need to know. So read it before you go!

Compare travel insurance quotes

Use to compare over 20 Australian insurers in seconds to help you find the right cover for your holiday. The best policy you can buy is one at the right price, which suits your individual travel needs.

Highly recommended

Highly recommended

Are you and your backpack heading off on an overseas adventure? Don t forget to pack your cover along for the ride.

Highly recommended

Highly recommended

Whether it s a ski season in Austria, a month of powder in Canada or a weekend away in Australia, ski holidays have their fair share of risk, so it s important to make sure that you have. Read more .

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