Oct 2 2016

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Looking for life insurance? Think quality and commitment

Buying life insurance can seem a daunting proposition, but our partners LifeSearch can give you free, impartial, expert advice, while help make comparing and purchasing the right policy online a straightforward task. [1]

Need more information?

You may want to speak to an adviser as a first step, and you can either call 0843 459 9482 ¥ or – to save your phone bill – request a call back by filling in a simple form online with your contact details and the time you’d prefer to chat.

If you’re ready to get a life insurance quote online, we offer options for all ages from 18-80, plus choices for over 50s lifelong protection .

Click through to our simple-to-use life insurance form and you’ll be asked how long you’d like the term of the policy to run for and how much cover you’d like – there’s a life insurance calculator available to help you decide.

You’ll be asked whether you want critical illness cover included and, if so, whether this is to be integrated with the life insurance or independent of it.

There’ll be help text to guide you through if you’re struggling with the definitions, or you can read more in our articles where you’ll also find the answers to frequently asked questions.

Did you know.

  • The average payout on a term life insurance policy in 2014 was £60,900 with 98.7% of claims being paid [2]

You can also choose level term life insurance – where the cover amount is fixed for the policy duration – or decreasing term, where the cover amount decreases over time, perhaps in line with a repayment mortgage.

Decide whether cover is just for you (a ‘single life’ policy) or for you and another person (a ‘joint life’ policy).

Add your basic and personal and contact details, and let us know whether you’d like to be contacted for free advice on your life insurance.

The final question asks whether you’ve smoked tobacco or used nicotine replacement products in the last 12 months, a question that needs to be answered accurately as it plays a key part in finding you the right policy.

You’ll then see our comparison table showing the options that include the company name, premium cost, the amount you may save through our commission sacrifice scheme, if the rate is guaranteed or reviewable and the cover amount.

When you see a product you like the look of, click the button for more detailed information and for the chance to go ahead with a purchase.

Read more about your options and the things to consider in our guides, where you’ll also find the answers to frequently asked questions.

Find out more about things like calculating the cover you need, how the life industry works, whole of life insurance, if funeral plans are worthwhile, making a will, whether you should write a policy in trust, if you should consider holding multiple policies, and options for older people, high-risk groups and those with existing medical conditions.

There’s also plenty to read on more obscure areas of life insurance, including gift inter vivos, terminal illness cover, waiver of premium, Family Income Benefit and relevant life plans.

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