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Aug 25 2019

Compare Cheap Life Insurance Quotes at GoCompare, online life insurance quotes comparison.

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Life insurance

Compare life insurance quotes with [1]

Online life insurance quotes comparison Online life insurance quotes comparison

What’s life insurance?

Looking for life insurance? Think quality and commitment

Protection insurance claims and pay outs

The fact that protection insurance products pays out £13m a day shows how they can help to relieve the financial strain on families following a death, serious illness or injury. Over 97% of all protection claims were paid in 2016

Raluca Boroianu-Omura, Association of British Insurers

Life lessons

Buying life insurance can seem a bit daunting so we’ve made it as simple as we can.

Our partner Assured Futures can give you free and impartial advice while makes comparing policies straightforward. [1]

If you’d prefer to speak to an adviser before you start, you can call 0800 808 6907 ¥ or – if you’d rather save your phone bill – you can request a call back by filling in a simple online form. All we need is your contact details and the time you’d like to chat.

Types of life insurance

You have a choice of life insurance policies:

Life assurance or life insurance?

Most people uselife assurance’ to mean ‘life insurance’ and vice versa. However, they do technically refer to different things.

Strictly speaking, life insurance pays out if something happens to you, whereas life assurance pays out when it does.

So, cover for a fixed term is life insurance, whereas a whole of life policy would be considered life assurance.

Life insurance for over 50s

If you’re aged between 50 and 79, you’re guaranteed to be accepted for an over 50s life insurance policy – you don’t even need to have any medical assessments.

You’ll be covered for the rest of your life but you’ll stop paying premiums when you reach 85 or 90.

You’ll also have to go through a qualifying period which usually lasts one or two years. If you die within this time, your beneficiaries will only receive the amount you’ve paid in premiums.

How much life insurance cover do I need?

If you’re struggling to work out how much cover you should take out, it’s a good idea to talk to a financial adviser.

You might also find our life insurance calculator handy – it’ll pop up when you’re getting a quote.

Or you can work out how much cover to get by following these steps:

Did you know.

Find out more

We have plenty of guides available – you can find out more about calculating the cover you need, how the life insurance industry works, funeral plans, making a will, whether you should write a policy in trust, if you should consider holding multiple policies, and options for older people, as well as high-risk groups and those with existing medical conditions.

There’s also lots to read on lesser-known areas of life insurance, including gift inter vivos, terminal illness cover, waiver of premium, Family Income Benefit and relevant life plans.

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    Over 50s plans have a qualifying period of normally 12 or 24 months during which, if the policy holder dies, the policy will only return the premiums, and not the ‘benefit’ amount

    [1] For comparing quotes online, introduces customers to

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    [2] Source: Association of British Insurers media release, 5 May, 2017, ‘Protection insurers pay out £13m per day in claims

    ¥ Assured Futures’ office hours are 8:30am-7pm Monday to Thursday, 8:30am-5pm on Friday and 8.30am-midday on Saturday. If you request a call-back, calls made to you by Assured Futures are completely free of charge. If you decide to call Assured Futures, calls from mobiles and landlines are free of charge. Your call may be monitored or recorded for training and security purposes


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