Mar 31 2017

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Balance Transfer Credit Cards

If you have used a credit card ever, you already know about the hassles they come up with when it’s all about interest rates. The flexibility that credit cards provide is not only convenient for your business purposes and busy lifestyle but also costly. A bank account is almost a safe option because you don’t have to worry about the next statement coming at your hand as there is no “debt” associated with those accounts.

But again, what could be the situation when you are in an urgent need of money but there is no way to get it instantly without waiting for the next paycheck? What if it’s a health emergency or a purchase that you can’t avail once you get the money needed at a later time? For these reasons and many others, credit cards are so much available among people from different job sectors.

If you are really burdened with debt that has been put forward by the high interest rates charged by your credit card provider, you might have already searched for an alternative from the same bank or from a different bank that will charge you less than the previous one. But again, you have to transfer your funds from the previous card to the new card with lower interest rates. Or you might want to transfer your funds to another person’s account. This happens so often that a very high rate of interest rate is applied to your fund transfers too. To help you out in these cases and to meet your needs, different financial organizations in Canada are offering a new type of credit card which is called Low Balance Transfer Credit Cards Canada.

The main aim behind these cards is to lower the transfer fees so that you can make as many transfer efforts as you want with a view to simplifying your credit card usage. These special cards usually have a flat rate applied which is almost same for all kinds of purchases and transactions. On an average, you will have to pay 0.99% charges for cash advances and 11.99% for every purchase and balance transfers.

The annual fee is shortened in these packages too to make sure that you save hundreds of dollars while transferring funds is the major action that you perform with your credit card. Just be aware to utilize your grace periods and your usage quota for better outcome. No credit card will charge you greater if you choose the low balance transfer cards in the right time.

Business Credit Cards

Business needs are different from personal needs when we talk about customized services. A business, whether it’s a small one or comparatively a larger one, always looks for convenient options for its employees. Hence, offering a proper credit card for a business is a difficult task for the credit card providers such as banks. They make this task easy by offering feature-rich packages and lower costs for various business organizations.

There are several kinds of Business Credit Cards. They are specially designed for small businesses, joint-ventures, or large corporations. Banks are offering extra privileges to the small and medium-sized enterprises nowadays. These SME offers are valid if you can show progress in your business revenue. As an owner of a small business, you will enjoy free annual fees, small credit limits, multiple user options, and a reasonable interest rate from your credit card. You can get all these features if you consistently make purchases with your card. Your employees will also enjoy special benefits and the annual fee advantages.

The various packages include bonus points on you travels, gas tokens, discounts on branded products, etc. You will also get a unique support from the customer managers, which is not available in the personal accounts. They will help you to calculate your costs and future possibilities once you are eligible for their credit cards. These cards can make your business transactions easier than ever. You would be free from worries about the security of your cash and the hassles that you have to bear while making payments.

If you are the owner of a corporate business, there is a wide range of options that you can choose from. The corporate packages include larger loan benefits and credit limits. As the number of employees working in your company is greater than a small business, you will get some extra services. For instance, you will be eligible for special travel costs with first-class services in the airlines as you need to travel frequently on business occasions. You can make unlimited transactions with these credit cards. You will also get a prioritized service from their customer support section. Occasionally, banks offer their gold memberships for free to the corporate employees. Limits are withdrawn mostly because of the need of a huge rate of transactions.

Credit cards, specialized for businesses are efficient in terms of their time-saving, cost-effective features. Faster transactions ensure better business values. Security is also a major concern for the businesses. The authorization procedures and secured transaction options are provided to different businesses for confirming security and flexibility.

Cash back Credit Cards

If you want to use a credit card which is among the most popular cards across Canada, you will also have to pay a decent amount of interest rate per month. This might discourage you from using these cards but there is good news for you. The cash back offers made by many of these credit card providers sometimes outperform the lowest interest rates available in the market. This is simply a strategy to serve you in a way that you will convince yourself to abide by their terms. You will be benefitted by this option though.

Cash Back Credit Cards offer varying percentages for different types of purchase options. Some of these will require you to spend a minimum amount of money to avail this offer. This minimum amount is calculated on monthly basis and there are strict rules for maintaining the limit. Some purchase options are given more priority over the others such as gas or traveling purchases.

Cash back offers are not always simply cash backs. The “earn while you spend” offer is also sometimes converted to “earn points while you spend” offer. Associates of a financial organization will sell their products at a cheaper price if you can earn those points. Sometimes, the values put by these points are greater than usual. They are calculated automatically once you make a purchase and they don’t expire. You will simply make the purchase and the discount will be applied only if you have the points and you are eligible for the service.

If you are tired of paying debts, you now know a way to resolve the issue with the higher rates. The cash back offer attracts too many people. It’s very useful for the people who like to go for shopping with the family members every now and then. Just make sure that it doesn’t limit the value of the credit card that you own right now or the one you are planning to get. Banks or other financial institutions offer unlimited cash backs so that when you shop around with your dear ones or all of your family members, you will get great cash backs or discounts.

Sometimes, you will get insurance opportunities along with the cash backs. Insurance is a great way of securing your financial accounts. If you want to get benefitted on the fly while you spend a lot both locally and internationally, cash back might add some extra spices to your credit card experience.

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