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Sep 22 2019

#Colleges in tennessee map + #Video

#Colleges #in #tennessee #map

Colleges in tennessee map


Colleges and Universities in Tennessee

Tennessee’s colleges and universities keep Tennessee’s heritage and culture alive, and are driving a new Tennessee economy around technology and healthcare. The heart of American music is also prime ground for higher education.

Public Colleges and Universities in Tennessee

Community Colleges in Tennessee

Private Colleges and Universities in Tennessee

The Future of Tennessee

Home of the Memphis blues, rock and roll, and country music, Tennessee is a cultural giant and an image of new-century success. Tennessee has been an agricultural state for its entire history, and that heritage directly influences its culture – African-Americans and rural whites coming from the country to the urban manufacturing centers of Memphis and Nashville came together to create some of the most enduring art forms of the 20th century. In the 21st century, those urbans hubs are seeing new life, especially the new start-up center of Chattanooga, and the revitalization of Memphis and Nashville in the new service, healthcare, and tech economy. Some of the most beautiful natural areas in the nation – including the Great Smoky Mountains National Park – also make Tennessee a tourist destination, adding entrepreneurial and hospitality business to the mix.

Where Tennessee Goes to College

Though Tennessee still has tens of thousands of farms, few people are actually farmers; instead, thanks to Tennessee’s best value colleges and universities, working adults and young people from across Tennessee are entering professional careers, more than ever. Tennessee is home to two of the most prestigious institutions in the South – Sewanee, and Vanderbilt University – and they, along with the state’s excellent public colleges and universities, are carrying Tennessee into the future with confidence. Many of Tennessee’s institutions, like its many regional public universities, are noted for their value, making a top-notch education affordable and accessible through low tuition and online degree programs. Other institutions, like the many private Christian liberal arts colleges, use their alumni support and religious affiliations to offer strong financial aid support that makes an impact on students and families.

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