#Colleges in baltimore maryland ~ #Video

#Colleges in baltimore maryland ~ #Video

#2019 #Best #Nursing #Schools #in #Maryland

Colleges in baltimore maryland


2019 Best Colleges for Nursing in Maryland About this List

The Best Colleges for Nursing ranking is based on key statistics and student reviews using data from the U.S. Department of Education. The ranking compares the top nursing schools in the U.S. Read more on how this ranking was calculated.

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Best Programs

Social Scene

Johns Hopkins University

  • 4 Year
  • Baltimore, MD

Graduate Student : I am a first year graduate student in their online Museum Studies program. So far, I love everything about Johns Hopkins University. My professors have been very attentive and answer all my questions quickly, the work is very relevant and there are so many resources to help me. JHU’s admissions office and academic advisors have been in constant contact with me, making sure I was all set for the semester. My student alumni ambassador is a wonderful person who has been helping me with JHU on a personally experienced level as she has graduated from the same program. I am proud to be a part of the JHU community!
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Stevenson University

  • 4 Year
  • Stevenson, MD

Sophomore : A few things that I like about Stevenson University are the dorms and buildings. They are all cozy and home like, most of the time there are two people to a room unless someone lives in an apartment which is on the campus and allows you to have your own room, a full bathroom, and a kitchen. Also, the academics here are amazing; most of the professors, tutors, and student link helpers are willing to help a student to the fullest in order for them to do well. Now, a few things that I would want to change here at Stevenson would be the campus and student life. Some students are at almost every event hosted here but many people tend to stay to their own friends instead of trying to make more friends. So, then this makes the student life decrease because people stay in more and refuse to communicate and explore new things. Overall, Stevenson is a beautiful campus and is a great school for academics.
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Notre Dame of Maryland University

  • 4 Year
  • Baltimore, MD

Sophomore : I have only been to this college for one year after transferring from another 4 year university, and I absolutely love it. Even when I was doing my original college search, and NDMU came up, I could not help but continuously look at the schools website. I fell in love with it before I even applied. The professors here are trained to teach classes as large as 25 students, and even classes as small as 3 students. The academic curriculums are rigorous, however all professors here will go out of their way to help you succeed throughout your 4 years here. All are ensured by both students and faculty are welcomed; our motto is “You Belong Here!” To those looking to apply to any colleges this year, or even transferring, apply here. Take it from a transfer student who hailed all the way from Connecticut. You will not be sorry that you applied
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Viterbo University

  • 4 Year
  • La Crosse, WI

Alum : Coming from a small high school in a little rural town, Viterbo was the perfect fit. I knew my professors personally, whether they were in the nursing program or not. The professors cared about my learning and were accommodating to unexpected life events. The coursework was rigorous but prepared me to be an excellent, compassionate nurse. I met amazing friends and was able to be very active in a variety of clubs on campus. Doing my nursing synthesis in Alaska was the icing on the cake!
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Salisbury University

  • 4 Year
  • Salisbury, MD

Niche User : Salisbury University is an amazing four-year university located in Salisbury, Maryland. They offer many majors and minors, clubs for anything you can think of, athletics, and so much more. Their admissions recruiters for Worcester County are so, so amazing! Very helpful and kind when they visited our high school. Awesome school to attend!
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Towson University

  • 4 Year
  • Towson, MD

Senior : Towson University is a great University! They are well diversified between the faculty and amongst the students. The professors actually get you prepared for the real world (that is the professors for the upper classmen). I’m yet to hear too much about Towson in terms improvement but one thing that I would like to see change is the Advising. Students should strive to keep track of their Degree plans. The food on campus is good as well as they do have a vast horizon of foods that you can eat from. Outside campus life is really good.
Overall, as a senior I am enjoying my stay at Towson and recommend future students to come here for their education!
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Frostburg State University

  • 4 Year
  • Frostburg, MD

Junior : I see Frostburg as an opportunity with great potential. The campus isn’t large, but that’s okay because of the smaller classes and an increased learning advantage. I enjoyed my time meeting new people, trying new things, and receiving quality education. The lack of surrounding stores in the area sucks, but, you learn to manage. The foreign exchange program is excellent! There are many students from different countries that study here and it’s great to indulge in their cultures & vice-versa. However, not many American students interact with them, so they miss out on a great experience. One thing to note out about Frostburg is that they hear complaints/issues. Instead of ignoring, they work on ways to improve the overall quality of the school. I appreciate that because no one wants to dislike their school. If there is a disruption, it is addressed, and a solution is developed. I’m excited to see the continued improvement of Frostburg, looks like they’re going in the right direction.
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University of Maryland – University College

  • 4 Year
  • Adelphi, MD

Junior : I have learned a lot and have had some great professors. My only gripe would be having to take computer classes when my degree is in Psychology. At this point, I’d done general education at a community college and would prefer a more streamlined way to get into the core of my degree. That said, it has been a good experience. I am in the US Air Force and deployed and the professors are very understanding of the challenges that presents sometimes. I’ve also had reading material recommended to me that made the difference between going to class and replacing that time with time online hardly noticeable when it comes to taking away something from the class. Responding to each other’s discussion posts can be tedious because it is mostly superficial; there is an obligation to respond and that leads to some uninspired dialogue sometimes. Overall, though, I’ve had a great experience! My feedback for each professor would be through the roof, don’t forget that!
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Montgomery College

  • 2 Year
  • Rockville, MD

Sophomore : For the past year in Montgomery college, I found it a very positive environment in terms on academics and work ethics. There are so many available resources on campus and online that include tutors, professors, books/textbooks, databases and more. The staff and everyone in Montgomery college are amazing and so helpful that all give motivation to the students there. There are so many ways you can be active on campus life such as, sports, volunteer service, clubs and even jobs! If you essentially want to finish your degree in almost any major in two years and a guarantee transfer to a Maryland institute, I definitely recommend Montgomery college. It is an overall excellent community college with very affordable tuition costs and I highly recommend it to high school students that might be concerned for financial problems when considering to enter a university/college.
Read 1,466 Reviews

Morgan State University

  • 4 Year
  • Baltimore, MD

Alum : Morgan State is an excellent school. The professors and staff there have a vested interest in you not only as a student, but as a future leader. When I attended, they had just made several improvements including upgrades to McMechen Hall (School of Business) which was new at the time. Throughout the years, the progress has not stopped with the addition of several new buildings, programs, and opportunities. You really develop a network of lifelong friends (family) that will play a role for years to come. I would encourage anyone who wants that “college” experience but doesn’t want to get lost in the shuffle of 60,000 students to go to Morgan State. Best choice ever!
Read 2,436 Reviews

The Community College of Baltimore County

  • 2 Year
  • Baltimore, MD

Sophomore : CCBC is a great place to go and learn! Professors are there for YOU! They are always willing to meet and make sure you truly understand your subject. There are three campuses which offer an array of classes in every department. Classes are easy to find and register for and are available on a wide variety of times and days. Student life is diverse and there is always a new activity to check out on campus.
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Bowie State University

  • 4 Year
  • Bowie, MD

Alum : I received a world-class education at Bowie State, which enabled me to pursue graduate studies at Edinburgh University in Scotland and at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. Bowie State is a precious jewel among academic institutions. Go Bulldogs!
Read 1,103 Reviews

Anne Arundel Community College

  • 2 Year
  • Arnold, MD

Alum : I absolutely loved my experience attending Anne Arundel Community College. There are numerous courses offered that were educative and well taught, which is also due to the amazing professors teaching at this college. The professors at this college truly made me feel like they cared about what they were teaching and making sure their students understood what was being taught. Professors offered out-of-class opportunities to review subjects and ask questions. There are so many resources offered to students, the Arnold campus is beautiful and safe.
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Howard Community College

  • 2 Year
  • Columbia, MD

Sophomore : All of the staff/employees at HCC are very helpful and positive. They always provide a safe, fun, and effective work space. They also really breakdown the material for each class, which really helps understand the content! This is the second college I have been too, and it is the best so far. I wish I did not have to leave.
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Prince George’s Community College

  • 2 Year
  • Largo, MD

Sophomore : I have been a student at Prince George’s Community College since I was a junior in high school, thanks to the Dual Enrollment Program. The majority of the professors here are friendly and willing to answer questions as long as they did not just say the answer. The facilities are very clean and are constantly being updated with new technologies. Also, new majors are being added to the college’s repertoire because of the addition of a culinary arts building. The only thing that I would like to see change is the amount of student involvement on campus. I know that it is hard to enforce clubs when many of the students have jobs, families to take care of, etc. but I believe that the stigma of community colleges being so vastly different than universities needs to change. If more students had access to fun things on campus, their experience at the school may not feel as bleak.
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College of Southern Maryland

  • 2 Year
  • La Plata, MD

Graduate Student : College of Southern Maryland is an excellent School to further your education or to receive training in one of your favorite hobbies. This school covers education in every facet of life. My daughter started college at 16 years old, there and the students and professors made her feel welcome. They also offer an awesome transfer program, to Universities of your choosing, which cuts your costs tremendously. My overall experience at College of Southern Maryland was great!
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Harford Community College

  • 2 Year
  • Bel Air, MD

Sophomore : I love HCC. They’re beyond the best as far as community colleges. There’s so much opportunity at this campus. The trained staff of advisors go out of their way to ensure that you are on the right track, without wasting money or class time. They offer a wonderful duel program with Towson University to earn your RN to BSN easier. The campus is overfilled with all ages of students. And their success rate is fantastic! I am currently taken pre-nursing studies and love it! They also offer tons of campus support and activities to mingle with peers and Professors.
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Frederick Community College

  • 2 Year
  • Frederick, MD

Sophomore : I love FCC! It is a great school. The professors are very invested and willing to help. They want to see you succeed and are often available to help you. The campus is situated right outside of Frederick, it is a little difficult to get to the mall because of 15 but there are plenty of places to eat within walking distance or a short drive if you don’t want to eat on campus. There is no housing on campus because it is a community college but there are often apartments or houses for rent nearby. The campus is small but has a lot to it. There are also always activities for students to attend and plenty of clubs and organizations to be a part of. I would highly recommend this school to anyone looking for a quality education with a desire to get to know people.
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Coppin State University

  • 4 Year
  • Baltimore, MD

Freshman : I am planning on applying at Coppin state university. I fell in love with the college during orientation. The campus is jaw-dropping, the academics are even better. I am planning on majoring in sports management, and very few colleges offer that as a major. Coppin State University does though, I can not wait to start my 4-year journey and obtain my degree!
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Baltimore City Community College

  • 2 Year
  • Baltimore, MD

Senior : The above college is established to change lives and build nations. It has amiable and worthy workers whose job is to make the students succeed in their academic endeavors. Its tutorial services are second to none. The college has a large student population from every nook and cranny of the world. It’s also well recognized in sporting events and activities such as: basketball and football. For instance, in 2016, the college won lots of laurels to showcase her sporting prowess. Due to her wonderful academic excellence, the Mayor of Baltimore City gave out scholarships to the 2018 graduating high school students to be enrolled in the college. As we speak now, the physical structure of the college is highly appreciated. For instance, there is a new block constructed to accommodate the teaming student population. In fact, Baltimore City Community College is living up to its motto.
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Allegany College of Maryland

  • 2 Year
  • Cumberland, MD

Alum : Allegany College has an accredited nursing program that has a high pass rate. The program is structured and created to prepare new nurses for success. The instructors are very knowledgeable and there is a “family feel” at this institution!
Read 233 Reviews

Hood College

  • 4 Year
  • Frederick, MD

Junior : I love Hood College, for it is a small campus, with small classrooms and dedicated teachers. The community is strong and connected, well-known in the greater neighborhoods. It is easy to meet people and make friends. The buildings are gorgeous, and every stair creaks with history. The faculty have all been extremely helpful, whether they be teachers, the registrar, accounting, or in the library. Hood offers excellent tutoring, with many available slots, and many tutors ready to help.

If I could change anything about Hood, I would add on to the social work program, expanding it into a Master’s degree. Having to go from a college like Hood to any other in order to attain a social work Master’s degree is a jarring, disagreeable option. Hood is a school unlike any I have been to, and I look forward to the next few years here.
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Hagerstown Community College

  • 2 Year
  • Hagerstown, MD

Freshman : I’m a 48 year old mother and wife. I walked into Hagerstown Community College,little nervous, but God giving me and push and inspiration, therefore I held my head high. All the students that were working in admissions, financial aide. The councilor really worked with me helping show me the instructions and it of college. I met a wonderful lady, Jamie, in the disability Dept. You see here comes more anxiety, because now I have to tell her I have a head injury from and assult. I have short term memory lose, anxiety, PTSD, and panick attacks. I’m here to challenge myself, push on , and stand tall.
Jamie was so supportive! And most of all gave me ALL the support I need,that the college provides. Even, down to having a security escort in the evening to and from class! Very impressed! Very professional, and accommodating.
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Carroll Community College

  • 2 Year
  • Westminster, MD

Sophomore : Most of the teachers here were amazing! Specifically Kristen Hadden, she taught Statistics and she changed my life! I have made good friends and strong connections in my community. I would highly recommend all late high school students to attend this school, as I have saved so much money by attending community college instead of a four year university.
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Cecil College

  • 2 Year
  • North East, MD

Sophomore : All of the professors and adjuncts have been nothing but welcoming and helpful. There’s more than enough room for potential growth, several networking possibilities, and an ideal environment for students to excel!
Read 264 Reviews

Wor-Wic Community College

  • 2 Year
  • Salisbury, MD

Senior : Wor Wic Community College has been a great experience. I will be graduating in May with my Associate’s Degree and transferring to a 4 year college. It has prepared me for my transition to the 4 year college. Wor Wic has been great with helping me with my 504 Plan, class schedules, and working with professors. Wor Wic’s ability to prepare you for the next 2 years of college is excellent and knowing that all of your courses will transfer over to the next college is awesome. While attending Wor Wic, I have had the opportunity to learn at my pace and become comfortable being a college student. Wor Wic Community College is a great place to start your college career.
Read 243 Reviews

Eastern Gateway Community College

  • 2 Year
  • Steubenville, OH

Alum : I am a 2008 graduate of the Dental Assisting program at Eastern Gateway Community College. This is a great program, with wonderful instructors who are extremely dedicated in their teaching, as well as watching their students succeed. My instructors were so wonderful and encouraging, that I went on to receive my Associate Degree in Applied Science after receiving my Certificate in Dental Assisting. The instructors gave me the confidence and FOUNDATION to continue on, as I applied to dental hygiene school. I had such an advantage by having the tools and knowledge from my time in the Dental Assisting program. I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in dental Hygiene in 2013. I consider myself so lucky to have been able to get the education that I did at Eastern Gateway!
Read 93 Reviews

University of Pittsburgh – Bradford

  • 4 Year
  • Bradford, PA

Freshman : Coming from a big city, I didn’t expect to like Pitt-Bradford as much as I do. I’m currently a freshman, headed into my second semester and I’m finding myself having a great time! Professors here are extremely helpful and care about students as individuals, staff members are very kind and always looking for ways to improve our experiences as students, and while the food isn’t amazing, it’s edible. Housing is also quite nice, even in the townhouses, which appear to be very cramped at first but are actually not too bad. The surrounding community is small and quiet, it’s quite sleepy. Overall, I love this campus.

Financial aid is the main reason I chose to come to Pitt-Bradford and I can say with certainty that it was a wise decision.
Read 524 Reviews

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#Colleges in baltimore maryland ~ #Video

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