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Jun 11 2017

Co Op Car Insurance Contact Phone Number – 0843 658 0846 #life #insurance #australia

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Co Op Car Insurance Contact Phone Number

Whether you are a young driver getting behind the wheel of your first car or someone over 50 with plenty of experience on the road, the Co-Op is there for you. The company has several types of car insurance available to suit your driving need. They also have plenty of perks to reward those who drive well. To find out more or get a quote, call the Co Op Car Insurance Contact Number today.

Why Should I Call The Co Op Car Insurance Number?

Here are some of the reasons a driver may wish to use the Co Op Car Insurance Contact:

  • Get a quote for car insurance
  • Enquire about car insurance for young drivers
  • Find out about the young driver smartbox or make a complaint about the accessory
  • Enquire about Over 50s car insurance
  • Renew or cancel your policy with Co-Op
  • Speak to customer services about a complaint

Co Op Car Insurance

Car insurance is available to purchase through the Co-Operative. With their package, you will be entitled to a 24 hour accident recover service that will arrange for your safe transportation in the event of a vehicle becoming unusable. You will also have the ability to claim a free lock change and replacement keys (as long as the value does not exceed £75) if your ones are stolen. Furthermore, Co-Op car insurance customers will be able to travel fully insured in the European Union for 8 days and claim and 70 per cent no claim discount if they are incident free for five years. For quotes or enquiries about what other perks Co-Op Car Insurance can provide, call the Co Op Car Insurance Contact Number today.

You will also be able to purchase a number of add-ons to your insurance package if you wish. These include extended foreign use, an enhanced courtesy car in the event of a breakdown, and 50 per cent off your breakdown cover in your first year. Call Co Op Car Insurance Contact Number to find out more about these add-ons and find out how much they cost.

Young Driver Insurance From Co Op

The Co-Operative offers car insurance tailored specifically to meet the needs of young people. To get a quote from the company, call the Co Op customer service number.

Under this package, young drivers will receive a smartbox that is installed on their vehicle. The box records the driver s speed, cornering, steering and braking and Co-Operative base their annual account on the data it receives. The smartbox is an attempt not to stereotype young drivers and provide a fair price if they drive well. It is assessed every 90 days and will go up and down by 20 per cent throughout the year depending on the results. You can see your progress online. Contact Co Op Car Insurance Contact Number for information about the smartbox or if you believe its readings are incorrect.

Young drivers could save up to £530 on their initial premium when they take out Young Drivers Insurance, as indicated by online research from Consumer Intelligence. Furthermore, customers could be entitled to a no claim discount after a year without incident. The discount is 50 per cent after the first year, 60 per cent the second, 65 per cent the third, 67 per cent the fourth and 70 per cent from them on. Call Co Op Car Insurance Contact Number to find out more about your no claim discount.

Over 50s Car Insurance

Those who are over 50 years of age will be able to acquire cheap car insurance from Co-Operative. The company provides lower premiums for those who have a good driving history with few accidents and low mileage. There will also be no claim discounts of up to 70 per cent if customers remain with Co-Op and do not have an incident. Furthermore, Co-Op will be able to provide over a week s worth of cover for driving in the European Union and be entitled to a named driver discount. To receive a quote for Over 50s Car Insurance, give Co Op Car Insurance Contact Number a ring today.

Other Types Of Insurance Available From Co Op

The Co-Operative does not just provide insurance for motorists. There are also other kinds of cover that customers can take out if they desire. These include the following:

Home Insurance

Insure your house with the Co-Operative and make sure you are covered for up to £500,000 if there is damage to the structure of your home. You will also be covered for accidental damage to your pipes, cables and drains, and be protected for damage against other buildings on your residence such as greenhouses and sheds.

Pet Insurance

A 5 star rated service according to the financial research business Defaqto, the Co-Operative offers pet insurance for family cats and dogs. It can help cover the cost of taking your pet to the vets if it becomes ill from up to £500. There is also dental cover to make sure your pet is hygienic and healthy. Homes with several pets could be eligible for multi pet discount to save money too.

More Informoation About Co Op Insurance Contact

The Co-Operative Insurance Company was founded in 1867. It initially provided just fire and fidelity cover. However, it has since introduced car insurance, home insurance, pet insurance and more. Currently, the head offices are in Manchester in the purpose built CIS Tower, the second tallest building in Manchester. The Co-Operative s insurance branch is a proud sponsor of the Scottish League cup football tournament in Scotland and the Irish League Cup in Northern Ireland.

Young Drivers Warned Of Ghost Broker Dangers

December 25th, 2013

Young drivers are being warned of the increasing prevalence of ghost brokers online fraudsters that use rogue websites to sell fake insurance policies at temptingly low rates.

The websites promote heavily discounted insurance policies on listing websites like, performing as a cost-cutting middleman to reduce insurance expenses for young and inexperienced drivers. The fraudsters even use names of well-known brands to create the illusion of a reliable, genuine insurance cover.

However, drivers are only discovering the truth when they run into trouble on the road, such as an accident or driving offence. Their inability to provide proof of genuine insurance can even land them with a criminal record. In October this year, 27 suspected ghost brokers were arrested by the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department (IFED) in a series of dawn raids across the country. Later, two other fraudsters were jailed in what has been labelled as the biggest fake insurance scam in Britain.

Different types of ghost broking include: the creation of a false policy document (based on one from a genuine company) that is then sold to an unwitting driver; taking out a genuine policy on behalf of a customer and secretly refunding it without the customer s consent, pocketing the profit, and taking out a genuine insurance policy on behalf of a customer but falsifying some of the information in order to benefit from lower premiums.

The first kind (selling a false policy) is the crudest and easiest to spot, but the others are more difficult and can be incredibly dangerous for the driver.

Ghost brokers will often try to sell insurance on listing websites, university notice boards, student websites and over the telephone.

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