Claire s, claire s careers.

Claire s, claire s careers.

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Claire’s Careers

About Claire s

With over 50 years of fashion retailing experience Claire’s is the go-to destination for all the latest, hottest trends in jewelry, accessories and cosmetics.

A fun, stylish friend, Claire’s inspires fashion creativity and provides inspirational products that accommodate and reflect all personalities, moods and attitudes, helping all our customers look and feel their best.

Claire s careers

Claire’s was founded in the 1960s with the merging of 2 fashion accessory retailers in Chicago, US, and by 1992 we had over 1,000 stores in the US. Fashion proves to have no borders, as our amazing growth has continued with stores in over 34 countries globally and continued growth internationally.

Claire s careers

Claire s careers

Today, Claire’s has over 3,000 stores and we’re the number 1 ear piercer in the world, piercing on average 3 million ears a year – fulfilling our mission to be the preferred global destination for fun fashion accessories.

So take a moment to find out more about us. We are confident that you’ll understand why we truly love what we do at Claire’s.

Claire s Vision: Become Yourself

Claire’s aims to inspire girls and women around the world to become their best selves by providing products and experiences that empower them to express their own unique individual styles.

Our brands and environments will sing with fun, innovation, and discovery, will serve to shape the personal stories and dreams of our friends, and will fulfill the aspirations of the communities with which we connect.

Claire s Mission: Girl’s Best Friend

Claire’s is the world’s leading brand for fun, affordable and fashionable jewelry, accessories and beauty products.

We embrace every girl’s individuality and love of style by:

Providing her a platform for personal discovery and self-expression.

Connecting with her as our friend with whom we share her most important personal milestones be it a first ear piercing, a first day at school, a first date, or a first job.

Offering her a wide variety of products, with good value, in inspirational destinations that speak to who she is, and who she wants to become.

Claire s, claire s careers.

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