City of dallas employment #Moving #Dallas #Forward #through #the #21st #Century!

City of dallas employment #Moving #Dallas #Forward #through #the #21st #Century! Moving Dallas Forward through the 21st Century! Forward Dallas! Forward Dallas! Vision – Making the dreams a reality! Everyone loves his or her homeland, so do we –

Moving Dallas Forward through the 21st Century!

Forward Dallas!

Forward Dallas! Vision – Making the dreams a reality!

Everyone loves his or her homeland, so do we – the residents of Dallas. No matter whether we are from Pleasant Grove or Lake Highlands or Hidden Valley, there is something that is common among us and that is the love for Dallas.

We all celebrate the spirit of Dallas through our vibrant cultures, varied lifestyles and various standards of living. Forward Dallas is the product of our own forward thinking, distinct dreams and desires. It is a Comprehensive Planning process that envisages the city of Dallas as a city of unique neighborhoods; a city that provides its residents with exceptional employment opportunities and is filled with busy transit centers, safe parks and a flourishing urban downtown.

How was the vision crafted?

The creators of the vision for Forward Dallas are we the people of Dallas. The plan came into existence when we polled for it and gave our ideas about what we want for our future. The plan presents guidelines and strategies for future development of the city. It has been crafted with the help of community’s vision and priorities, which aims to improve the livability of our city by offering bustling commercial centers, better transportation options and top-notch opportunities in the fields of arts, education, entertainment and environment.

Forward Dallas is a bold, far-sighted and comprehensive plan that is built from other plans like – the 1987 City of Dallas Growth Policy Plan, the 1994 Dallas Plan, the Trinity River Corridor Comprehensive Land Use Plan and many other plans. But the final document was developed only when hundreds of Dallasites contributed their dreams and ideas to it.

What are its Core Values?

With the help of a diverse mix of people including business leaders, public agency leaders, neighborhood representatives and concerned citizens, these 6 core values were adopted as the foundation of forward Dallas vision:

Education and Employment : We all want to see our children prospering and leading a meaningful life. This can happen only when the opportunities for a productive education system and a wide range of good jobs will be available.

Public Safety : Freedom is something, we all cherish the most. This freedom can be achieved only when we are safe and free from worries. For this, public safety is the priority.

Healthy Environment : It is important to conserve and protect the natural resources for present and future generations. That’s why we want a beautiful city with healthy water, air, trees and parks.

Job Growth : Southern Dallas has lots of scope for development and progression. With new opportunities of jobs and better physical infrastructure, this area can become a great place to live and work.

Convenient Transportation : Dallasites want more efficient, reliable and safe means of transportation that include better public transit and attractive streets to walk.

Quality of Life : We all have our distinct choices and preferences when it comes to recreational, cultural and educational opportunities. With this project, we expect to get varied choices in the ways of living, shopping and having fun.

What Common Themes Did Emerge?

With the help of thousands of Dallas residents and business leaders, some common themes were identified. These common themes have conveyed our expectations from this project. We want the forward Dallas plan to:

  • Provide better design and utility of many streets all through the city.
  • Protect and preserve the existing neighborhood at a citywide level.
  • Repose on the success of historic preservation in the community.
  • Provide better and a variety of job opportunities.
  • Bring housing closer to jobs. This will save time along with improving the quality of life and the environment as beautiful communities will develop in these areas.
  • Provide better opportunities for owner-occupied housing that includes single family homes, townhouses and condos.
  • Provide various housing choices for the people at various income levels.
  • Promote prosperity throughout the city by providing investing opportunities.
  • Be based on the strengths of Downtown Dallas.
  • Pursue the theme of redevelopment, rehabilitation and revitalization.
  • Connect communities with the Trinity River and nature.
  • Build from the existing plans like Oak Lawn Planned Development.
  • Provide a wide range of land use options and scale.
  • Capitalize on existing and proposed transit centers to use the public investment in a better way.

What Key Initiatives Steps are taken?

“Forward Dallas” plan is based on these 6 key initiatives that are the base of its “policy plan” and “implementation plan”:

Enhancing the Economy : Forward Dallas is based on the assumption of “balancing land use”, which focuses on investment in Southern Sector and strengthening downtown. This will make our city a place where excellent amenities are offered for all types of families.

Making Quality Housing More Accessible : The ultimate aim of forward Dallas plan is to make our city more vibrant, prosperous and inviting city. In order to accomplish this goal, forward Dallas focuses on providing a diversity of housing options for Dallas’s diverse population.

Creating strong and Healthy Neighborhood : The plan offers the people of Dallas (irrespective of their cultural and economical diversity) equal access to quality neighborhoods with all necessary amenities like good schools, parks, sports facilities and community centers.

Enhancing Transportation System : Transit oriented development is the key component of forward Dallas plan, in which it is ensured that all workers, visitors and residents have transportation options.

Ensuring Environmental Sustainability : Forward Dallas focuses on improving air quality, water quality, promoting energy efficiency, enhancing open space. This will give the Dallasites healthier natural and urban environment.

Encouraging New Development Patterns : “Building Blocks” are the new development patterns that are developed to achieve the vision of forward Dallas. They incorporate both existing and future development of transportation, urban design, community centers, employment areas and housing.

Types of Building Blocks

Downtown : The downtown building block focuses on making the area a major transit hub for rails, buses and local systems. Significant public investment will make this heart of our city a center for all types of commercial activities, which will be supported by high density housing. Its key components are mixed-use development and urban design for pedestrian accessibility.

Campus : These building blocks are the areas around big educational, institutional or business facilities. The forward Dallas project focuses on developing a variety of shops, offices and public transit system here so that the students, employees and visitors can get more support and these areas can be connected to greater Dallas area.

Urban Mixed-use : These blocks are near Downtown and will integrate housing, commercial activities and jobs. These areas will provide the residents with great opportunities to live, work, play shop, and give good access to public transit system.

Multi Modal Corridors : These blocks are also called transit centers as they are mainly located around DART light-rail or commuter rail lines. Out of all types of building blocks, these ones incorporate the largest variety of building structures and land uses. Forward Dallas plan offers the development of interactive public plazas and civic uses in these areas.

Main Streets : Main Street is the place for living, working and shopping. These are the active areas that are attractive and easily navigable by the pedestrians. The main focus of forward Dallas plan in this area is to upgrade streets and walkways.

Urban Neighborhoods : These areas will offer a wide range of housing options including single-family detached dwellings, condos and townhomes. The forward Dallas project plans to develop various shops and offices in these areas so that the residents can get all necessary services and job opportunities within the walking distance. Also, various parks, pathways, pedestrian oriented landscaping, transit stops and road will be developed.

Business Centers : These blocks are the main employment and shopping areas outside the downtown. Bold lighting, low- to mid-rise residential buildings, high-rise office towers, linear landscaping and tree lined boulevards will be some of the main features of these areas.

Industrial Areas : These blocks offer major employment opportunities. They are near main roads and heavy rail lines. The forward Dallas will develop logistics and warehousing industry in these areas. Also, the plans are to develop low-density buildings, industrial yards, and surface parking for cars and trucks.

Commercial Centers : These areas are mainly known as job destinations. The project focuses on developing multifamily housing, large shopping centers and incorporating landscaping and urban design features in these areas.

Residential Neighborhoods : These blocks are the important parts of forward Dallas project. They focus on developing the traditional neighborhood of single-family detached homes that will integrate shops, restaurants, schools, religious centers. Also, parks, trails and roads will be developed to improve the quality of life.

Natural Areas and the Trinity River

The Forward Dallas plan will develop thousands of acres of parkland, conserve open spaces and will restore streams to enhance the natural heritage of our city Dallas.

In The End

Thus, Forward Dallas is a comprehensive plan that has been developed to improve the future of Dallas. It focuses on giving us more and improved housing choices, cleaner air, safer neighborhoods, an outstanding downtown, safer parks and other amenities within walking distance.
Forward Dallas is our plan that is envisioned by us (the people of Dallas) and it has been developed to make our city everything that it could be and should be for us and our forthcoming generations.

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Dallas Mavericks latest game vs Portland

Sigh…Not sure why I feel like the mavs should be better this year. Fortunately…or perhaps unfortunately…they will still probably make the playoffs.

Dirk is playing really well, but it just isn’t enough.

Normally, I would say that anything can happen it the playoffs, but the Golden State Warriors are the mavs current 1st round “opponent”

I wouldn’t call us an opponent anymore than I would call a rabbit an opponent to a man with a shotgun.

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