Sep 8 2017

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Cisco Virtual Office

The new Cisco Virtual Office collaboration bundle now simplifies the ordering.

Centrally Managed Security for All Workers

For remote offices, home office workers and teleworkers, it can be hard to be productive when services such as video and data don’t work as well as they do in the office.

Virtual office solutions from Cisco boost flexibility and productivity by delivering secure, comprehensive, and manageable network services to teleworkers and remote offices. By delivering full IP phone, wireless, data, and video services over an encrypted VPN, Cisco Virtual Office delivers a transparent, office-caliber experience. Video playback is smooth, voice doesn’t stutter and wireless connectivity is effortless.

Central Management

Cisco Virtual Office includes provisioning and management capabilities. Management tools help define networkwide policy, identity, and authentication; and they actively update configurations at remote sites.

Zero Touch Deployment

Setting up home, remote, and retail offices can be challenging. Cisco Virtual Office saves truck rolls with Zero Touch Deployment (ZTD) – routers can be securely configured with minimal user intervention.

Cisco Virtual Office components include:

  • Remote site with a Cisco Integrated Services Router (ISR) G2 and a Cisco Unified IP Phone (optional)
  • Head-end with a VPN router and centralized management software for policy, configuration and identity controls
  • Deployment and ongoing services from Cisco and approved partners

Getting Started

Cisco Virtual Office is commonly deployed using one of two models. The first, more typical deployment, CVO, uses DMVPN as the VPN technology. The second deployment, CVO Express, uses EasyVPN in client mode as the VPN technology.

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