Nov 6 2017

Chicago Auto Show – Automotive – Near Southside – Chicago, IL – Reviews – Photos #auto #invoice #prices

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Admission is 12 dlls not bad at all

Free stuff like reusable bags ,souvenirs… Read More

Take the cta is better

Admission is 12 dlls not bad at all

It s been about 15 years or so since I was at the auto show last. In fact, it was in the old part of McCormick Place if that gives you any… Read More

It s been about 15 years or so since I was at the auto show last. In fact, it was in the old part of McCormick Place if that gives you any indication.

Fast forward to a hubby, two kids later – one with a bloody nose to start our day out, a family that doesn t like crowds, and you ve pretty much got my personal take on the day.

Personal feelings aside, though, I will be completely objective here and tell you that the Chicago Auto Show is run like a well-oiled machine. Arrive near McCormick Place and you ll be well-guided to where you need to go. Have questions about anything, and all you have to do is look and there will be a sign or someone who can answer them.

The Crowds

Our intent was to get here early, like right at 9am when they open, but that didn t happen. We came on Saturday and ended up getting into the show closer to 10am, and we were still one of the early ones, but it was getting crowded rather quickly. Let me mention the crowds for a second. For the most part everyone was respectful of the person next to them. We kindly conversed with those around us, and there were those who brought their kiddos along – like us. However, my kids are nine and super well behaved, and at the end of the day they were tired and crabby, sick of us, we were sick of them, and we were just done. I honestly think parents should proceed with caution here. And for those with strollers, I don t know that I would bring them, because it would be hard to maneuver.

The Extras

Tickets were reasonable. $12 per adult and $6 for kids 8 and up. Free for kids 7 and under. Coat check = rip off ($3/coat). My hubby read up on reviews that said to leave your coats in the car, but let s just say after we exited the wrong door from the parking lot and ended up on the street, we ran back in and got them (because I was really mad at him for leading us out the wrong door and didn t want my kids to freeze). However, once we found the overpass to get to the show via the parking lot, in retrospect I wish we d left them. So. find the overpass and you ll be okay leaving your coats in the car! The food prices were ridonculous. We paid $12 for two sodas and a Churro (dough with sugar). There was one guy who bought a sandwich, soda and something else and paid $35 in the end! Really? Mind you, that was from outside vendors. We didn t check out the cafeteria, so maybe that was more reasonably priced. None of this really surprised me.


Why did the Marines have a recruiting area there? Why was there a lady selling her glue product? Perhaps she meant to be at the consumer products show? It s really commercialized now.

Test Drives

We stood in line for a bit so my boys could have a free test drive in some cars we had no interest in even looking at. It was fun, but they thought dad would get to drive (and so did he), so that was a bit of a bummer, but we did get a speed spin in a Dodge Charger driven by a cute, sweet young lady. And, we were lucky to get the loud car that everyone wanted to be in – score!

The Cars

What I remember from the past, is all the cool futuristic concept cars – a special focus on the engineering side of things. That alone made it worthwhile. Ummm. I don t know where they were, but did I miss them? Were there any? We are in the market for a car, so it made sense for us to attend the show. However, it was hard to physically check out the cars. I remember it being easier to to get to sit in them. Some are on display and others just had too many people hovering. Folks, go to the dealer and you ll have a better experience. We did get to compare some of our favorite picks without having to drive to multiple dealers (though they all get around 18 MPG :-( ), so there was a beauty here. And, it s nice to look without having to feel pressured.

But, if you really think about the show, take away the crowds, the over priced food vendors, the gift displays, the lady selling glue, the recruiting Marines, and what you re left with is one ginormous car lot. Just something to consider before you attend.

Nothing overly excited me today, but the auto show is a fun Chicago tradition that many people should experience at least once. Unless my kids beg us to go next year, it probably isn t meant for our family.

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