Oct 2 2016

Check Your 3 Credit Scores For Free. #how #to #check #credit #score free credit score

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Hannah, New Orleans, LA

Since the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act was passed in November 2003, any American has been able to get their credit report for free at least once a year. However, free credit scores have only recently become so commonplace.

In November 2013, FICO started it s Open Access Program, thanks in part to some encouragement from the government. The channels through which you can get credit scores for free have been expanding ever since.

And that’s great news for consumers as it’s a well-known fact that lenders use credit scores to help determine your creditworthiness.

Continue reading and I will explain how you can get your 3 credit scores from major credit reporting agencies (TransUnion, Experian and Equifax ) for free. I will also share the best way to check your FICO scores.

Your credit score is calculated using credit scoring model (FICO, for example) based on your credit report data. You can have 3 different credit scores from each credit reporting agency (Experian, Equifax, TransUnion).

What is a credit score and how it s calculated?

The first thing to know is that credit scores are based on your credit report. In essence, any credit score is an interpretation of your credit report.

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