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Jul 31 2019

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Best cheap cars

It’s normal for buyers to have a strict budget in mind when choosing a car. It’s often a deciding factor in whether to buy new or used (we’ve produced a guide on that topic) and it’s also well worth keeping an eye on our running update of the best new car deals. You might be surprised by the sheer value for money that some of today’s new cars have to offer.

There’s an increasingly impressive list of cars priced to appeal to those who previously had no choice but to buy pre-owned. It’s true that these can be seen as ‘price leaders’ – designed to lure customers into the showroom where a persuasive salesman will ‘upsell’ them to a pricier model. But if you stick to your guns, these entry-level machines are a very cost-effective way to drive a brand-new car.

It can be wise to look beyond the specification list, too. Some entry-level models are rather spartan and do without the latest infotainment or convenience technology. The bits that make it work, though, are usually the same as in a more comprehensively equipped model and this engineering is what your new-car money pays for.

You’re also buying into a package that should be hassle-free for a long time. Every new car sold in the UK presently has at least a three-year warranty and many are more generous than that. This gives you peace of mind that any fault that should develop will be rectified by the manufacturer with a minimum of fuss. Breakdown cover should also be included to ensure that any such fault causes minimal disruption if it rears its head mid-journey.

It’s not only private buyers who stand to benefit from low prices. Although business users might be given a company-car allowance sufficient for a more expensive model, choosing a car with a lower taxable value will reduce your Benefit-in-Kind (BiK or company-car tax) bill. Some of the best value cars in the UK also have impressively low CO2 exhaust emissions, which further reduces their BiK rate.

Here’s our rundown of those cars on the UK market that offer the biggest bang for your buck.

Dacia Duster SUV

Cheap car

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