Jun 11 2017

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Whether you are going for business purpose or just to spend your next vacation out in this beautiful country of Southeast Asia, Singapore, it is best to avail a rental car service in order to make things convenient. Not only shall it help you to take care of your precious time and stick to your pre-plans but shall also be highly comfortable. The island country is visited by millions of tourists every year and most of them prefer car leasing rather than waiting in long queues for local transportation. You might be thinking that there are enough taxi services available also. It is true, but they are often way expensive than it will cost you to rent a car.

Car leasing for Singapore and most other Southeast Asian countries had never been so easy. which is one of the biggest platforms for selecting and booking a car service has come up with car rental in Singapore. giving maximum priority to customer satisfaction.

Needless to say, you will find here a wide range of options from which to rent a car based on the brand of your choice, the number of members in your group and most importantly, your budget.


You have four types of car to choose from which are Sedan, Luxury, Cabriolets, and Coupe. There is present almost all brand names that you might be thinking to choose from which are BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Maserati and Audi.

A BMW will cost you as low as SGD 288 on a daily basis, whereas a Mercedes will be taking SGD 408. For Porsche, the minimum rate is SGD 568 and Audi has a daily rate of SGD 478. These are the lowest rates that you will possibly be finding in Singapore. However, these rates do not include the charges of a driver. You can simply ask for the keys at your pickup point once you land in Singapore and take complete charge of it. There are many of us, who, however, would prefer a chauffeur to accompany them as a local guide. In this case, you need to mail for the availability and charges of a chauffeur.

The cars are usually either manual or automatic. You will ideally opting for the latter if you don’t want a driver along with you. Almost all the available cars are air conditioned. The procedure of car leasing via is also very simple. You need to select the car of your choice based on your other priorities. Once selected, you need to fill the fields for customer details and your preferred pickup location. The last step, which is probably the most important one is to carry out the payment procedures.

It is often wise to plan your trips early. This will ensure that you book your car rental service in advance. Hence, at that time there will be plenty of options to choose from and since the availability of vehicles are high; you will get one at a lower rate.

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