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Welcome to KANETIX. Our secure, fast and easy online quote comparison service brings Canadian travellers together with the top Canadian travel insurance providers in a one-stop shopping environment to find the cheapest travel medical insurance.

Cheapest Travel Medical Insurance

Are you heading for a quick vacation? Or perhaps planning on travelling the world for a few months? Maybe your plan is to lounge on a beach somewhere. Or, if you are an adventurous type, you are planning to rough it in hostels and backpack through Europe, or South America. Or perhaps you are just going to visit some family overseas. No matter what your travel plans, the most secure, quick and easiest way to get the lowest cost travel insurance that you can count on, is through KANETIX. At KANETIX you can compare the most affordable travel insurance quotes from a variety of insurers with an average savings of 66%*.

KANETIX not only provides the cheapest travel insurance quotes for Canadians, but also enables you to find exactly the right policy designed specifically for your needs like:Canada Super Visa insurance. visitors to Canada insurance and international students travel insurance for those studying in Canada. We’ll help you find senior travel insurance. snowbird travel insurance or different kinds of trip insurance (business, holiday, etc.) online from many of the leading travel insurance companies .

Travel Insurance Is Vital

Whether you’re planning to relax the whole time while you are on vacation, or you have your sights set on doing something a bit more adventurous, having travel insurance will give you piece of mind. If you don’t know the merits of travel insurance here are some real-life reasons why you may need travel insurance. Don’t risk being uninsured when the unexpected happens, especially when the most affordable travel insurance policy can be yours in just a few clicks.

If you need more information about travel insurance, you can read our article Travel Insurance 101 or get a quick introduction to travel medical insurance in Canada to get a more thorough understanding. If you get stuck on any travel insurance key terms, visit our travel insurance glossary or explore other travel related FAQs and answers .

Travel Insurance Options

Because your provincial health insurance plan does not fully cover you when travelling within Canada or travelling out-of-country. supplementary health insurance coverage can be obtained with any of the following policies: single-trip travel insurance, multi-trip travel insurance and all-inclusive travel insurance .

Remember to read the fine print on your policy to find out what you will and won’t be covered for as policies vary from each travel insurance company. If you are planning to travel more than once per year, an annual travel insurance policy may be suitable for you as it could provide emergency medical coverage for every trip you take within 12 months of purchasing your policy. Moreover, a trip cancellation/trip interruption insurance policy can cover any unexpected cancellations during your travels and top-up travel insurance can cover you if your trip outlasts your current travel insurance policy. However in some situations, if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, your policy may become invalid for anything that occurs at the time.

Top 3 Reasons To Get the Cheapest Travel Health Insurance Through KANETIX:

Reason #1 – For the adventurer in you: It is a good idea to make sure you will be covered for all kinds of potential situations; including extreme activities and sports such as bungee jumping, zip lining, white water rafting, mountain climbing, and snowboarding. conducted a survey in 2007 and they discovered 2 of 3 travelers in the survey went bungee jumping at the spur of the moment without checking if their insurance covered them. Fortunately, you don’t hear many bungee-jumping-in-a-foreign-country stories that end with “splat.” But if you know it’s likely your adventurous side may get the best of you, it’s a good idea to make sure you have cheap travel insurance that covers all kinds of situations, including extreme activities and sports like: bungee jumping, zip lining, white water rafting, mountain climbing, or snowboarding. Even if you are not a risk taker, something as tame as horseback riding could result in an accident, and if it does, you will want to know you are properly and sufficiently covered.

Reason #2 – In case of the unexpected: Have you ever had to cancel a trip? Have you lost money because you didn’t have insurance to cover cancellations? It isn’t fun. Just recently, a friend had planned to go to visit family in Asia for 2-3 weeks with her boyfriend. They planned the trip, bought the airline tickets ages ago, and had spent about $3000 for flight and accommodations. Two days before they were about to leave, one of them got into a serious car accident and was put in intensive care. They had to cancel their trip. Unfortunately, no refunds or rescheduling options were available with the airlines, and so they lost $3000. While they’re both fine and healthy today, they could have saved $3000 if they had purchased affordable travel insurance with the option of trip cancellation insurance. Unfortunately, in most situations, if you have to cancel a trip, and you don’t have the proper insurance to cover refunds or rescheduling options, you will lose the money you paid towards your trip. Avoid having that happen to you, and get trip cancellation insurance coverage to cover unexpected trip cancellations.

Reason #3 – Don’t risk your health: No matter how old you are, or how invincible you may feel, you never know what could happen while you’re on vacation. You may have heard horror stories of contracting malaria, breaking limbs, heart attacks, and other unfortunate emergency medical events of tourists overseas. While we like to think ‘it won’t happen to us,’ it’s not a good idea to take the risk. The reality is things can happen, and it is much better to be covered in those situations. You could get something as small as an ear infection or food poisoning, to something as severe as malaria, and wouldn’t you prefer to be covered in those situations, rather than having the possibility of paying huge medical bills out of your own pocket? Medical care in foreign countries is never guaranteed and the costs are often heavy. Getting affordable travel insurance coverage or health insurance coverage now could save you from having to pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars for medical treatment later.

Travel Insurance InfoCentre

Looking for more articles, guides and news bytes on travel insurance? Visit our Travel Insurance InfoCentre if you need more advice and information on travel insurance related products. There you will find info on travel insurance tips, policies, coverage, cross-border travel or required travel documents. Learn the essentials of travel insurance to get the comfort you need for a trip you won’t regret.

Additional Travel Resources

With the KANETIX Travel Insurance App. you can compare quotes and buy the travel insurance you need right from your smartphone device. You can easily subscribe to reminders for policy renewal, come back to your saved quotes and never again worry about overpaying on your travel insurance coverage. In addition, you can use its travel checklist, search for the hottest destination attractions and keep up-to-date on weather forecasts.

Make your trip stress-free by using our travel kit. With our travel kit, you can easily email the information you filled out on the travel itinerary. emergency contact information sheet and travel checklist straight to your inbox. You also have the option of printing a wallet-size copy of the travel kit for your convenience during your travels.

Travel Insurance Resources From The Government Of Canada

If you need more information about travel insurance for Canadians and travelling abroad, explore the resources the Government of Canada has to offer:

Travel insurance quotes from KANETIX are available for the following provinces: Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The vast majority of travellers seem to visit us from Calgary, Toronto and Montreal.

*The average savings found on KANETIX for emergency medical travel insurance for single travellers, age 21 – 54, for single trips of 14 days or less, as compared with the published rates of 3 leading Canadian banks for their equivalent emergency medical travel insurance. Actual savings vary depending on number of travellers, age, trip duration, and coverage selected. Based on research as of September 2, 2015.


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