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Aug 30 2019

Cheap Health Insurance in Arizona (AZ), cheap insurance in az.

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Cheap Health Insurance in Arizona (AZ)

Health Insurance in the Grand Canyon State: What are the Options?

Currently, one of the largest domestic crises affecting the United States is a lack of affordable health insurance. It is for this reason that many feel helpless and vulnerable if they become unemployed, injured or ill. Lack of healthcare coverage can wreak havoc on one s financial security as well. The State of Arizona, however, is one of many states leading the charge for its citizens to have access to the insurance they need. Below is set out several options for the many different populations within the Grand Canyon State.

Chief among concerns in this economy is how to care for our very youngest citizens. It is hard enough when one is gainfully employed to provide this security, but when job loss occurs, the effects can be devastating. Arizona has in place KidsCare, a state-funded health insurance program, specifically covering patients eighteen years of age and below. With coverage decided upon family income and size, it is something of a safety net for those younger patients in need. For a small fee of $25.00 monthly for one-child families and $35.00 monthly for multiple-child families, this can remove a bit of the worry factor should unemployment or other financial distress occur. The coverage that it provides ranges from basic well-child care to eye examinations, dental visits and, should the need arise, Emergency Room care as well. One important factor to consider is that for those individuals of Native American heritage, KidsCare is provided at no cost whatsoever.

For individuals and families who are gainfully employed, but whose income levels are still well below average, there are options for them as well. The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, commonly known as AHCCCS, provides full healthcare coverage, including prescription medications, to those citizens with a total monthly income of no more than $851.00. For families, the income cap is set at $1,144.00. Further, what makes this system so workable is that people are not disqualified if they own their own home or other property. Their income level is the sole deciding factor.

Not to be ignored are those Arizona residents 65 years of age and older. Within the state is a program called Medicare Cost Savings or as it is commonly called, MCS. Again, there is no limit to those individuals who are homeowners or who have well-funded retirement incomes in place. The only requirement to enable one to partake in MCS is that they must be eligible for Medicare Part A hospital insurance.

It is a fact that a by-product of the current US economic crisis is how to provide healthcare for those in need. With foreclosures abounding, along with other financial difficulties many are experiencing, one s health can most definitely be negatively affected. Many states have in place programs to cover those individuals who need it the most. Because of programs such as KidsCare, AHCCCS and MCS, Arizona can count itself among some of the standard bearers in this most difficult economic period.


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