Oct 4 2017

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Cheap Car Rental in France

At TravelerCar we re proud to offer one of the most accessible and environmentally-smart options for cheap car rental in France.

How does it work?

We offer our car sharing services out of all three Paris airports. You rent the car of a local saving you an average of 50% off typical agency fees for car rental in France! While a local is off on vacation, they get to park their car at the airport for free both of you get to save!

So you ve saved money, and you ve helped out a local, too. What else do you get to do with TravelerCar? With our services you also reduce the number of cars on the road  through the  car sharing concept . When resources are shared, you do your part to cut pollution, and even the production of new cars.

Easy and Accessible

Our services for car rental in France are easy. Find a car you like at the airport you re flying into. Subscribe on our website with a copy of your driver s license, and some information about your driving record. Our only requirement is a clean driving record (last five years) and at least three years of driving experience. From there you get automatic,  TOTAL insurance coverage. For free. With no subscription steps for insurance, you ll get roadside assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week no matter where you and the car are located.

Our electric airport shuttle picks you up from your arrival terminal, and takes you to the exact car you reserved no surprises! Then you can explore all over France and neighboring countries. Where ever your heart desires .

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