Aug 30 2017

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July 2017 Announcements

What’s New in v3?

Centova Cast v3 is the culmination of over 18 months of development. So much has changed that it’s impractical to list every update here, but read on to learn more about the most significant changes in this release.

Centova Cast is now a stand-alone control panel

Centova Cast is now a self-contained application that provides its own web and FTP services. All you need to provide is a MySQL server — Centova Cast no longer uses any existing Apache, PHP, or Pure-FTPd/ProFTP service on your server.

The tech details

To reduce compatibility problems and dramatically improve performance, Centova Cast v3 provides its own highly-optimized application stack based on nginx, PHP, Pure-FTPd, and custom pure-C code.

A New Look

This new release brings a brand new, glossy user interface with plenty of animations and effects, which we hope will be easier on the eyes and more intuitive for newer users.

The tech details

As ever, our pure XHTML+CSS design can be easily themed by our clients to match their branding. This release makes heavy use of jQuery to provide a great experience in modern browsers while remaining functional in legacy browsers.

Web-based File Management

The addition of a brand new, AJAX-based file manager allows clients to upload, manage, and remove files without ever leaving the familiarity of their web browser.

The tech details

Our new, multi-file upload system supports HTML5, Flash, and HTML4 (legacy) uploads, and will automatically select the best upload method depending on the capabilities of the client’s browser.

Windows Media Support

Centova Cast now supports hosting Windows Media streams, including full integration with Centova Cast’s autoDJ system. Windows Media is commonly used for enterprise stream hosting and provides an entirely new revenue source for traditional ShoutCast hosts.

The tech details

Adding a Windows Media Services server to your hosting service is as easy as installing the Centova Cast Windows service application on your Windows server. Upon installation, it will instantly configure Centova Cast to begin hosting Windows Media streams just as you’ve always hosted ShoutCast streams.

ShoutCast v2 / sc_trans v2 Support

We’re a bit behind the curve on this one, but support for the latest and greatest in ShoutCast streaming technology is now here. We’ve fully integrated sc_trans v2 with Centova Cast’s autoDJ system to provide the ultimate streaming experience to your clients.

Hosting cluster support

Adding additional servers to your hosting service no longer requires performing a complete installation of Centova Cast on each new server. v3.0 decouples the web interface from the hosting server, allowing you can install Centova Cast on a single server, and use it to centrally control and maintain any number of additional hosting servers.

The tech details

Centova Cast’s web interface can now control any number of servers, hosted locally or even in remote datacenters. Deploying a new server is as simple as installing a small daemon application on the new server and pointing it to your Centova Cast web interface.

Mountpoint / Multiple Bitrate Support

Clients using ShoutCast v2 or IceCast can now create multiple independent mount points through the Centova Cast web interface. This allows clients to rebroadcast their stream in multiple bit rates, or even broadcast multiple independent streams through a single ShoutCast/IceCast server.

New Web-Based Players

Centova Cast v3.0 bundles FFMP3, an excellent Flash-based ShoutCast stream player. FFMP3 is made available on the start page of every ShoutCast-based stream created by Centova Cast. For Windows Media streams, Windows Media Player is embedded in the start page.

DJ Account Support

By popular request, Centova Cast now allows clients to create accounts for, and delegate specific permissions to, the DJs performing on their stations. Clients can grant access to as much or as little of their Centova Cast account as they desire.

Statistics Improvements

The statistics system has been completely redesigned using AJAX to improve responsiveness and interactivity. Additionally, statistics are now displayed in the client’s selected time zone, and are no longer limited to 60 days of history. Historical statistics can also be downloaded as spreadsheets.

New Album Cover Services

Centova Cast can now integrate with the iTunes Store and to retrieve album covers, information, and purchase links. Each client can specify which services they want to retrieve album information from, and can prioritize the services to ensure that their preferred provider is always tried first.

Per-client Localization

Each Centova Cast client account can now specify a different locale, allowing hosts to provide service to clients in multiple different languages through a single Centova Cast installation.

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