Sep 14 2016

Top 3 VA Home Loan Tips

#best home loan # Top 3 VA Home Loan Tips There are numerous advantages to having a VA mortgage. A VA mortgage loan can be guaranteed with no money down, in some cases up to $417,000. There is also no private mortgage insurance requirement with a VA guaranteed loan, which could offer you substantial savings on your monthly payment. You can even use your VA Loan benefit to refinance an existing loan — even if it is not a VA Loan. Be sure to ask for information about the interest rate reduction loan. This program adjusts an adjustable-rate mortgage …

Sep 14 2016

Title Loan Application

#online title loans # Easy Title Loans Online – Apply Now! Do you need money urgently and don’t have the time to wait to pay your bills? Then a car title loan is the answer to your trouble. The convenience of title loans has helped a lot of people who need cash in a crunch. Let Florida Car Title Loans guide you in your search for cash by giving you a FREE QUOTE NOW. We treat all our customers as VIPs! We value your time so we made the whole process fast and simple. We take the hassle out of …

Sep 14 2016

The VA Jumbo Loan

#jumbo loan # The VA Jumbo Loan Grant Moon VA loans have specific rules that a lender must follow when evaluating a VA loan application. Affordability needs to be determined by calculating debt to income ratios, a number arrived at dividing monthly obligations by monthly income. Credit is checked either by reviewing a credit score, documenting payment history, or both. And one other thing, the lender sets a maximum VA loan amount. Is there such a thing as a VA jumbo mortgage? It needs to be noted at the outset, that the Department of Veteran’s Affairs does not establish a …