May 20 2017

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Cash Back Credit Cards

Cash back credit cards refund a certain percentage of your purchases in the form of a statement credit or via check, thereby lowering the effective cost of your expenses. Cash back is also considered to be the most straightforward, dependable rewards currency since it cannot be devalued by credit show more card companies. Unlike with cash, credit card companies can always reduce the value of points or miles by increasing the amount needed for redemption.

USAA Cashback Rewards Plus American Express Card

By:John Kiernan, Personal Finance Editor

“Cash back” is one of the three main rewards currencies, along with points and miles. When you have a credit card with cash back, a certain percentage of each purchase you make is returned to you via check, statement credit or gift card. The main advantage of cash back rewards is that they earned and redeemed in terms of dollars (and not points and miles that must be converted into corresponding amounts of specific goods or services). As a result, cashback rewards are not only the easiest to understand, but perhaps more importantly, cannot be devalued and can be used for any type of purchase. On the other hand, points and miles may allow you to get more bang for your buck IF you redeem often and toward the card’s intended purpose (e.g. if you have a Starwood Hotels Credit Card, you’ll get significantly more value on points redeemed for Starwood nights than, say, an iPad).

By:Odysseas Papadimitriou, CardHub CEO

There are indeed different types of cash rewards credit cards, and they tend to differentiate from each other for one of three reasons. First of all, they differ based on credit level. For example, cash back credit cards for people with fair credit offer different terms than most excellent credit cash back credit cards. and so on.

Third, some credit cards with cash back only allow you to earn the most cash possible if you make purchases through affiliated companies. This type of card is most common in the gas, airline and hotel rewards categories.

Obviously, within these general types of cashback credit cards, individual offers will also differ from one another due to earning rates, tiered rewards structures and caps.

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