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Jul 31 2017

Cars for sale by owner Sacramento, CA FSBO #replacement #auto #body #parts

#auto for sale by owner

If you have a Car, Boat, RV, Motorcycle, Watercraft, Trailer or Commercial vehcile you want to sell, 99 Park and Sell is the place to find a buyer. The vehicles parked on our lot get great visibility, exposure, and service. The vehicles on the lot are seen by thousands of drivers passing by on the freeway and by the hundreds who come out to the lot looking to buy every weekend. We have grown to many vehicles on the lot and have quickly becoming the place where buyers come to find the best selection of privately owned for-sale vehicles in a no-pressure atmosphere.

How It Works:

For Sellers – To sell your vehicle fast, simply drive on to the lot during business hours from 8:00 AM Saturday morning to 5:00 PM Sunday evening, pick your parking space, choose whether you want to sign-up for one weekend or for unlimited weekends, and pay the one flat rate.

We will provide the “for sale” signs for your vehicle.

When you register, we photograph your vehicle and post an ad describing your vehicle in detail on our website and create an ad for you to post on Craigslist, for no additional charge. If you choose, we hold the keys and show your vehicle to anyone interested so you can go enjoy your weekend. However, you remain in control of test drives and negotiating the best deal with the buyer.

For Buyers – If you are looking for a Car, Boat, Watercraft, RV or Motorcycle, come out to the lot on weekends or check out the listings of vehicles on the website using the page bar at the top of the home page. Every weekend there is a different selection of vehicles so come often and enjoy the no-pressure walk through the array of cars, boats, watercraft, RV’s and motorcycles. Since we don’t charge owners commissions, you can relax knowing you won’t get hassled. We have the keys to most vehicles so if you would like to look inside, under the hood, or start the engine, just let us know and we will open the vehicle for you. All of the vehicle’s information is posted on the window. If you like what you see, you call the owner directly – we will even provide the cell phone if you need. The owner and you are in control of negotiating the sale, but if you agree on a price, we will provide both of you the DMV paperwork for the transfer process.

Getting There

To get to the lot, take Highway 99 to Calvine Road and go east (toward Lowes and in the opposite direction from the college) to Power Inn Road (at the signal light one block east of the freeway – if you pass Lowes, you’ve gone too far). Turn south (right) on Power Inn Road and drive to the first stop sign at Geneva Point Dr. Turn right at the stop sign and drive straight one block to the entrance to the Park and Ride Lot.

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