Oct 13 2017

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Our Pricing Promise

Empire Today® doesn’t show their prices online because we want you to know what you’re really going to spend.

You will not get an accurate price until someone visits your home.

A home improvement project is an important investment, and Empire ® understands the cost of your project is a key factor. You want to know how much the entire job is going to cost before you agree to take it on.

While many of our competitors might provide pricing estimates in-store, online, or over the phone, those estimates are a little better than a guess.

Empire Today ® vs Home Improvement Stores

See how the cost per square foot you see listed on the price tags at home improvement store doesn’t even come close to giving you the total cost for your project.

Why Doesn’t Empire Show Pricing Online?

If you receive a price without someone visiting your home, you’re not getting the full story. Here’s Why:

It is almost impossible to give an accurate quote without seeing the rooms where installation will take place, even with room measurements. Be wary of any company willing to give a price without having been in your home. An accurate price requires professional attention – that means a visit to your home to take measurements – and an understanding of the flooring to be installed and its requirements.

Every Room is Unique

Price cannot be determined using simple price per square foot calculations, which is the price many of our competitors will give you – length and width are only one piece to the total price. Simply measuring the dimensions of a room will probably not give you an accurate measurement of the amount of flooring you’ll need to complete the job.

Comparing Apples to Oranges

Home improvement stores show prices on their flooring, but those prices generally won’t include all that’s needed to complete your job, such as:

  • Installation Labor
  • Materials
  • Padding
  • Underlayment
  • Furniture Moving
  • Floor Prep
  • Removal / Haul Away
  • Stair Labor
  • Transitions
  • Base Moldings

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