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Apr 19 2018

Careers and Employability, careers in photography.#Careers #in #photography

Careers and Employability

Careers in photography

Funding & Mentoring

Careers in photography

Find Jobs & Internships

Careers in photography

Exhibit & Sell Your Work

Careers in photography

Events & Workshops

Careers in photography

Employers & Partners

Careers and Employability empowers UAL students and graduates to make a living doing what they love.

We believe that everyone should be able to achieve their creative ambitions, regardless of their background or circumstance. Working collaboratively with UAL courses, we enhance students employability and creative attributes through experiential learning and access to industry.

We enable students to achieve their goals by being responsive to individual pathways and ways of learning. From the moment students arrive, they can access: one-to-one advice, job opportunities, paid internships, mentoring, funding, student-led initiatives, and opportunities to showcase and exhibit work.

Support is free and accessible to all our students.

Careers in photography

Find a job

Search Creative Opportunities – UAL’s jobs board for students and graduates, featuring internship and job opportunities in the creative industries.

Careers in photography

Temp at UAL

UAL students and recent graduates can temp on campus by signing up to ArtsTemps – UAL’s in-house temp agency.

Current funding opportunities

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