Aug 31 2017

Car Window Tinting Prices Atlanta #rc #cars

#car window tinting prices

Window Tinting Prices

These prices are for in shop tinting and do not reflect the extra charges for mobile services. Please contact us if you have any questions about pricing or need us to put together a pricing package for individuals or fleet vehicles.

Our pricing is structured on an ala-carte base because most vehicles fall into one category or another and not every vehicle is as easy to tint as the next. Our installers are trained to handle all the various levels of difficult and special needs vehicles and because of this expertise and training your price is based on the knowledge the installer will need when performing the work to your vehicle and the quality of products that we use.

All our products are rated with the National Fenestration Rating Council and you can view this resource on our links page. 75% of our business is the 24 dealerships we work with on a regular bases (for a list of references to the dealers we service go to our links page .

These Prices are for Dyed film applications

  • 2 windows and a back glass $199.00
  • 4 windows and a back glass $229.00
  • 2 windows only $99.00

5. Hybrid film, add $20.00

6. Carbon film. add$40

7. Ceramic film, add $100.00

8. Crystalline film, add $200.00

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