Oct 5 2016

Car Travel Games for Kids. #best #used #cars #under #5000

#car games for kids

Car Travel Games for Kids

(Preschool age and up)

by Laurel Smith (Road Trip Mom)

Taking a car trip with your kids is a wonderful opportunity to spend some quality time with them, away from other daily distractions. A little undivided attention from Mom or Dad can go a long way toward a little person’s happiness. It’s sometimes nice to sit in the back of the van with your kids while dad is doing the driving and play these car trip travel games right along with them.

This is the most complete list of classic and contemporary car trip games and activities you’ll find anywhere. It’s all good fun to keep kids busy and happy in the car on a long trip. Included are many free printable games from this website as well as products that readers have recommended over the years. Everything here has been road tested! top-article

Travel Games, Activities, Car Games for Kids and Road Trip Games to Play in the Car:

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