Aug 19 2017

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# Car Rental Price Search Engine

It s always fun to find out new tools to save you time and money. Started by some regulars on the Flyertalk travel forum, is a website specifically made for car rentals. Yes, all the big guys like Expedia and Hotwire do car rentals. However, this one is a bit different.

First, you need to remember the unique quirk of car rental reservation systems. When you make a reservation at most car rental shops, you simply get a quote and make a non-binding reservation without giving any payment information. You can cancel at any time, without penalty. Heck, even if you just don t show there is no penalty, besides the bad karma of knowing that you maybe messed up their inventory management for others.

Second, you add in the fact that for us deal-hunters, there can be hundreds combinations of discount codes, CDP numbers, and promotional codes that must be found to get the actual lowest rate on a rental. Autoslash uses computers to test out the codes in its database for you. The best part? It keeps checking every single day to see if it can get you a lower price. If it does, it automatically cancels your last reservation, books the new one for you, and sends you the new reservation code.

Last week, I was searching for a week-long rental in Orlando, FL next month. I checked the usual suspects like Expedia and was getting about $700 for a week-long rental of a mid-size car. Must be some huge event going on that weekend. So I tried Autoslash.

  • Day 1 I was bummed to see the lowest price was also $665.61 including all taxes and fees, with Payless.
  • Day 2 I was rebooked on Dollar Rent A Car at $346.18.
  • Day 3 I was rebooked again on Dollar for $320.41. Sweet!

The primary drawback that I can see is that they don t support all the rental car agencies. Specifically, I did not see Avis or Budget in my comparison matrix. Also, the quality of their results depends on the quality of the coupon codes in their database. Basically, it may be possible to get a better deal on your own. However. given the fact that I can always cancel, AutoSlash does provides a very good baseline deal for almost zero work.

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